Gertrude the Gurnsey Cow

Kamagra Soft. 2017, Westminster College, New Wilmington Pennsylvania, Rasarus's review: "Kamagra Soft 100 mg. Buy go to link online no RX.". Meet Gertrude the Guernsey Cow. Looks an awful lot like Sissie the Cow just below. Maybe they’re related? Anyway, she was the last Animal we visited on our Wisconsin trip. Gertrude is actually near Rockford, Illinois in Lockwood Park. I’ll have to say that 4 days of Big Thing hunting was pretty exhausting. When Deb asked me what the next object was and I told her a Big Cow, she replied, “Another cow?” I knew at that point we should head home, and we did!
Gertrude the Gurnsey Cow Gertrude the Gurnsey Cow

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