I first developed this site for a couple of reasons.  First, I started to collect some photos of me and Big Things and began to collect the photos in an album.  I actually had a full album at home and I also had a smaller album to show folks as I traveled around the country.  At about the same time my daughter, Julia, was spending Saturday mornings training as an 8 or 9 year old in the Gloucester County Community College pool.  This was in the early 90’s and I thought I could use this idle time to learn HTML and create a web site for my Big Thing photos that other people could access.

As time passed I kept up the Big Thing hobby and I kept adding new stories and photos to the site.  I created a business card to hand out to folks who wondered what I was doing when I was getting my photo taken with a discovered Big Thing.  However I was adding content to a site created more than 25 years ago and it could not be displayed and viewed on all the different alternative methods to access the web.  I knew it was time to update the site.

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