Illinois Muffler Gal

Last Big Person on the last leg of the out-West trip yielded this version of the Big Muffler Gal. She stands on SW Washington Street in Peoria. The only other Muffler Gal I have stands in Hilltop, NJ and is one of the first photos I have. She was updated when I last visited her and she changed from a Jackie O look to a Wonder Woman. This gal has nothing to hide!


´╗┐ Illinois Muffler Gal

Hilltop Uni-Gal

We were out in South Jersey this summer (2008) visiting our children and old friends. Several people including Chris Smith told us that the Big Uniroyal Gal that looked like Jackie O’ had been redone to look like Wonder Woman. So naturally on our way down to the Township to meet our swim team pals at Whelihan’s for some beer and wings we stopped in Hilltop to see what changed. Compare this shot to the one at the very bottom of this┬ápage and you can see for yourself.


Hilltop Uni-Gal