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The photos that I am posting here comprise a work in progress. (Stay with me on this, but if you are impatient like I am) go to the meat of this page. I think of this stuff as found art.

The shot at the top of this page was the germination of a "hobby" that began in 1991. While not a long time geologically speaking it certainly is a long time ago compared to my normal attention span.

We had rented a vacation home with another family--The Bachelder-Whitehouse's from Huntington Woods, MI--(Yo, Dan and Sam) on Keuka Lake in the Finger Lake Country of New York State. At the uppermost tip of the lake was the town of Penn Yan. In Penn Yan there was a buckwheat mill. And on the wall of this buckwheat mill was this HUGE griddle. (See for yourself). Somehow, and no one claims responsibility, (personally I think it was Amy) it was suggested that I should stand in front of this griddle and have my picture taken. Possibly this occured after a round of winetasting at the local vineyards. I just don't know.

At any rate, easier suggested than done. This griddle was next to a loading dock for the mill and all day long there was a series of trucks loading or unloading what ever they load or unload in front of this griddle. Not exactly a great photo opportunity there. So, one morning, early, like 6am early, Debbie and I rolled into town and took this picture. Of course, not in focus due to caffine deprevation, but THE BEGINNING!

One thing led to another and next thing I knew, I had a bunch of "Big Pictures." Believe me I wasn't trying to do this, it just happened, as many good things in life do. First I had a collection of loose photos. Next I was trying to describe to a customer my penchant. This led to a photo album that I still carry with me all the time. I share these photos with people that I feel reasonably sure will enjoy them. If you are one of those people that have no joy in life I suggest you leave this web site right now. "Click here"

Well, since you are still here, you either have an interest or you have no life. I welcome you either way, my kind of person.

At first I just entered the photos in the album chronologically, it seemed good enough. But after a while I decided to group them by type. That has worked fairly well. Below I have the asssorted classifications where I have grouped the photos.

I hope someone out there has as much fun viewing them as I did collecting this "found art," creating my album, and now this site.

Caution: you have one requirement. If you choose to view these images you have an obligation to "bird dog" for me. That is, let me know if you have some found a bigger than life image. Here are my rules:

    must be big
    must be bigger than life size
    must be absurdly big
    must have me in the photo (absolute must)
Things like the Niagara Falls and the St. Louis Arch don't count, although I do have photos of me with both.

If you want to see the sightings sent in so far go to my "Bird Dog Tips" page.

Here are your choices:

Cigar Smoker
Food &

Well, I've found that there are a bunch of interesting web pages out there that share a common interest in unusual "found" roadside art. How cool! I think it's great, I felt pretty alone out here, but now I realize that other people have a similiar penchant. If these pages are not enough for you, I urge you to check out some of these links.
If you have any interesting objects that fit the bill please e-mail me at ""

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