Springfield Lumberjack

Even this photo doesn’t give you a sense of how hard it was raining on this Thursday afternoon when we were after this Paul Bunyan Muffler Man outside the Lauterbach Tire Shop on Wabash Ave. in Springfield. It’s a very busy street and took some time to get across the street. Meanwhile I was getting pretty wet – what I don’t do for this hobby!


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Palmer ACE Muffler Man

I found this Lumberjack Muffler Man outside the Palmer ACE Hardware store on Lowell Street in Elkhart, Indiana. We tracked him down on our way back from a quick visit to Saugatuck, MI for Fall Break. Late October and kind of mixed weather but nice to get away nonetheless.

Wisconsin Dells Lumberjack

“A Family Traditon since 1958” it says on the sign out front. It should say “More Than You can Eat.” The Paul Bunyan Cook Shack in the Wisconsin Dells is crowded, serves lots of food and is perfect for families. Not for me. Like Cracker Barrel you have to walk through a gift shop to eat. Go there if that appeals to you. At least they didn’t have the rocking chairs on the porch in front. Did I make myself clear that I didn’t like this place, except for the Big Guy!


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Derringer’s Lumberjack

There are any number of this type of “Lumberjack Muffler Men” around the country. click on the Category and you can see those that I’ve found. We spotted this guy in Lima, Ohio at 1501 Findlay Rd. He stands on top of Derringer’s Small Engine Repair. They must do pretty good work since they’ve been around since 1951.

muffler man

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Portland Lumberjack

Here I am “working.” This time in Portland. Jim, Brad and I were out seeing a customer and of course I had researched Big Things. I wanted to get this guy and he was BIG! Unfortunately there wasn’t much space for Jim to take the photo without getting run down. Thanks Jim for risking your life.


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Muncie Lumberjack

This really BIG guy is a is not a Muffler Man, too big. He is pretty impressive standing outside the Timbers Lodge on the corner of Kilgore (SR32) and Tillotson across the street from the rail line. We didn’t stop at the Lodge since it was only 10am. Thanks Steph!


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Everett Lumberjack

Another “found art.” Out to lunch with a customer, check out the clothes, I was working (ha, ha) and on the way to lunch when we found this lumberjack in Everett, WA. Next to the lumberjack was the sea hawk found on the animals page.


see Everett Lumberjack

Paul & Babe

Paul & The Babe outside St. Ignace, MI. The only time I spent money to get a “Big Picture.” It cost 50 cents (25 cents apiece) to get into this little park from the gift shop. Not much of a gift shop either!


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Grayling Paul Bunyon

A Paul Bunyon in Grayling, MI. There are lot’s of Paul’s spread out over the upper mid-West. I think he is made out of car parts. This was the first of many big pictures taken on my original “Big Picture” safari. To see the others taken on this trek, look for the hat!


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