Tennessee Bird Dog

Here are a couple photos from my banjo playing pal, Bill.  On his way to Memphis to get his banjos tuned he spotted these two Big Things in Cross Plains at the Hwy 25 exit.  He found a 1929 Gibson in Memphis, his soul mate, for $29,000 but was shot down by Marge.


Tennessee Elephant


Tennessee Native American

Pearl Beer Bird Dog

Here’s a Bird Dog sighting from my sister Catherine.  She and Dale were in San Antonio and spotted this big beauty.  If you look closely you can see Dale standing below the Big Can of Pearl Beer.


Pearl Beer Bird Dog

B-I-L Scottsdale Golf Ball

Another Bird Dog offering.  Here’s Greg, my B-I-L, posing with a Big Golf Ball in Scottsdale.  Ironically, I received this image while I was at River Glen on the 14th hole.  A short par 3, 154 yards.  A 6 iron to the green and 2 putts for a par.  A good hole in many ways.

golf ball

Golf Ball Bird Dog Greg

Nate, Annie and a Big Chair

I think that Nate finds more Big Things than any of my other Bird Dogs.  I may be partial since Nate is my Grandson.  In this case he, along with his parents found this Big Chair in Watkin’s Glen, NY while taking a long weekend.


Nate’s Big Chair Find

Robinette’s Apple Haus

Got a heads up from Erica about this Big Apple at Robinette’s Apple Haus on the northeast side of Grand Rapids.  Sounds like a great place, they press their own cider in season and have the donuts to go with them.


Robinette’s Big Apple