Mel’s Motorcycle

Another shot taken at M. Schettl Sales outside Oshkosh. I have one image on Holiday but lots on Animals and Food and Drink. I can’t imagine how Mel acquired all these items but I’m glad he did. It made for a good find on our tour of Wisconsin Big Things. To see more go to the Archieves, July, 2010.


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National Road Muffler

This muffler was a “found” Big Object we ran across on our way out of Vandalia, IN. It’s on US-40 west of town near Exit 61 on I-70. We stopped in Vandalia to see the historic marker designating the terminus of the “National Road.” The National Road ran from Cumberland, MD and was planned to continue to St. Louis, however funding ran out in 1838 when the road reached Vandalia. The National Road was the first major road to use the new macadam road surface. The interesting things you know when married to an historian.


National Road Muffler

Big Pennzoil

Since I moved to Indiana 3 years ago, (WOW!) I’ve become a auto racing fan, (how can you not?) and know that Pennzoil keeps engines running smoother, longer. At least that’s what I learned. While this is another inflatble at the Wal-Mart opening I will gladly add it to my web site.


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Rogers Castrol Oil

Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart. Another inflatable in Rogers. But I take ’em as available. I have no recommendation on Castrol vs. Pennzoil. You make the choice. I spent the night in the “Frisco Suite” at the Embassey Suites in Rogers, AR. I highly recommend it. (Thanks again Karla! And I hijacked the HH points as well.)


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Wal-Mart Michelin Man

I was lucky to get this inflatable outside a Wal-Mart Grand Opening in Rogers, look Arkansas. Since this store is close to the Home Office there was a lot of activity. It was pretty windy that day and I got this image early. When Karla, Mike and I left the store later, this inflatable was down for the count. Hopefully their tires last longer.

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Race for the Cure

I got this in downtown Indy, shop on the IUPUI camput prior to the Susan Korman “Race for the Cure” Breast Cancer event. This is a huge event, larger than the Indy mini-marathon, but that is limited to around 35,000 registrants.


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Yorktown Auto Supply

We were on our way to Muncie, IN for our annual holiday shoot of Big Things. While we were driving along SR32, just entering Yorktown, I noticed this big fan belt. I almost was rear ended when I applied the brakes to turn around. This oversize fan belt hangs in front of Yorktown Auto Supply, just West of downtown Yorktown. The things you find when you are not looking for them!

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Berlin Muffler Car

This category may be the hardest to fill out. My pal Romeo gave me a tip on this Muffler Car in Berlin. This Meineke shop is on Rt. 30 just south of Berlin-Crosskeys Road. I haven’t seen the muffler being driven but I bet it is road-ready.


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Runnemede PT Cruser

I got a call from Bird Dog Mike who was on his way home when he saw this inflatable PT Cruiser outside LaFlam Chrsyler Plymouth in Runnemede, NJ. I didn’t have time to get the photo that night and took the risk (always dangerous with inflatables) that it would be there on Saturday morning. It was!


Runnemede PT Cruser

Black Horse Pike Hubcaps

I don’t think that this image fits all of my criteria, but I like it so much that I just have to include it. As a matter of fact I purchased a hubcap a few years ago for our 1985 Voyager. If you had a Voyager you know how bad the hubcap design was that year.


Black Horse Pike Hubcaps

Detroit I-94 Tire

What can I say about this piece of American Automotive Art. This huge tire stands beside litter strewn I-94 in Allen Park, MI. I-94, appropriately enough, when it enters Detroit is named the Henry Ford Expressway. How ’bout that.


Detroit I-94 Tire