Blue Crew Colt

There’s a great Indianapolis Colt fan that wanted to include everyone in his vision so he opened this sports bar. He started the Blue Crew grill a few years ago. As you probably guessed, it has a Colts theme. I drive by the joint pretty often, sometimes there is a Colts Blue Fire Hook and Ladder, sometimes other things. This time was this Big colt inflatable. I don’t know how many inflatable Colts there are but I’ve got several. ( source - no prescription needed, order Sildenafil (viagra) with discount 15% - low prices for all ED pills, support 245 Update 2/21/15: the Blue Crew is closed, too bad!)


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Big Colts in Indy

Living in Indianapolis, mind it becomes almost obligatory to have Colt inflatables at most events. The one on the left was also at the Freedom Festival in Fishers. Later that year Fishers Football was playing at Lucas Oil Field (“The Luke”) and our way out of the suite this Big Colt was hanging around.


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Keystone Inflatable

We drive Keystone Avenue often, both on the way south into Indianapolis, as well as north to the Carmel business district. We were driving down Keystone on our way to downtown Indy and spotted this big inflatable race car driver out in front of a used car dealership across from the WalMart. We didn’t have time to stop then and hoped it would still be there in the next couple of days. Sunday morning we drove past and stopped to get this image. There were a couple tire kickers in the lot wondering what was going on.


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Fishers Freedom Festival

We were at the Freedom Festival event in Fishers, Indiana and ran across Master Yoo’s booth. This Big Inflatable caught my eye. I tried my best but I don’t think I have a future in Tae Kwon Do. I would like to get one of these costumes/robes or whatever you call it.


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Tribute to Reggie

This is not a true Big Picture. After living in Philadelphia and seeing the impact Reggie White had there. And then taking his love to Green Bay, Reggie was bigger than life. Maybe too sentimental, but after all this is my web page and I control the content. Reggie White was a gift, both on the field and off. He deserves recogition!. Thanks Green Bay.


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Our trip through Wisconsin started in Door County. After spending the night in Ephriam we drove down the next day to Green Bay. We had to get a Green Bay Packer, this one was in front of the Titletown Brewing Company. What an appropriate name, the Packers won 12 League and 9 NFL championships as well as 3 Super Bowls. Reminds me of my Detroit Red Wings playing in Hockeytown. Excuse the umbrella, it was raining.


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York Barbell Company

A side trip landed us in York, Pennsylvania which was the seat of the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War while the British were busy occupying Philadelphia. The Articles of Confederation were drafted here. In addition, the Conway Cabal was hatched in York. If you’re not familiar with this historical fact, Mifflin, Lee and others wanted to oust Washington as head of the Continental Army and replace him with Horatio Gates, the so-called hero of Saratoga. These breakouts are what happens when you are married to an historian.

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Car Wash Archer

I think I’ve already said it all in the previous entry and on the Big Animals page. This archer stood right out in front of another car wash in Vincennes. Now Vincennes is a pretty nice town, county seat and all, but what a joy to live around all these Big Things.


Car Wash Archer

Ready for the Super Bowl

I haven’t had the opportunity to experience a city with a team playing in the Super Bowl, having grown up in Detroit (not a chance) and Philadelphia (eventually.) Indianapolis was a lot of fun, a small-Big City and did they support the team. Outside lights on building changed to blue and at this car dealer a big guy. Deb and I were driving on I-465 and spotted this guy. We had to circle back, I climbed over a fence and here’s the result. Thanks Bill Estes Chevrolet for the team support.


Ready for the Super Bowl

Michigan v. IU Football

A couple of years ago Deb and I wandered into Big Ten “enemy” territory going to a Michigan at Indiana (IU) football game. What a great day. The IU fans were good losers. the Michigan fans, stuck in a corner of the end zone, but overflowing some, had a lot to cheer about. Unfortunately the IU band at half-time performed better than the football team. (I guess I might get some comments from rabid IU fans.) To give them credit, Michigan did go to the Rose Bowl that year. So did Deb!


Michigan v. IU Football

Seaside Heights Waterboy

I was in search of some more Muffler Men in Seaside Heights, NJ and was parking the car when lo and behold here was Waterboy. Debbie talked us into the Water Works Waterpark on Ocean Side between Grant and Sherman (Longstreet was nowhere to be found) and we got this guy.


Seaside Heights Waterboy