Wal-Mart Keebler

Here I am “working” again – I like the sound of that and use it often. At any rate I was at a Grand Opening of a store and there were many vendors there with inflatables. More inflatables from this event are on the Automotive and Objects pages. Here is the Keebler guy, a Leprechaun I guess.


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Race for the Cure

I got this in downtown Indy, shop on the IUPUI camput prior to the Susan Korman “Race for the Cure” Breast Cancer event. This is a huge event, larger than the Indy mini-marathon, but that is limited to around 35,000 registrants.


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Groff’s Straw Man

Here is another “found” image. This one taken at Groff’s Nursery in Glassboro, New Jersey a few years ago. Judging by the decorations we must have been picking up some corn stalks to decorate for fall, what do you think?


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Michigan v. IU Football

A couple of years ago Deb and I wandered into Big Ten “enemy” territory going to a Michigan at Indiana (IU) football game. What a great day. The IU fans were good losers. the Michigan fans, stuck in a corner of the end zone, but overflowing some, had a lot to cheer about. Unfortunately the IU band at half-time performed better than the football team. (I guess I might get some comments from rabid IU fans.) To give them credit, Michigan did go to the Rose Bowl that year. So did Deb!


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Columbus Beer

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Limberlost Beer

One of my favorite bar/restaurants is the Limberlost in Houghton Lake, Michigan. I like to go to lunch here. You can sit outside on the deck, view the lake, and have a cold beverage and something to eat. They are kind of party central so if you want a relaxing weekend evening in Houghton Lake you might stay away from the Limberlost.

Detroit Tiger

go site My first trip to the new Comerica Park in Detroit and here were some Big Tigers and Baseball Bats. 2 hours before the game and there were all these people. I may have to come back in February (brrrr!) to get a photo without the fans. The Tigers lost to the Bronx Bombers 5-1 who had 5 hits and 5 home runs. I miss Tiger Stadium where you were so close to the field but I liked the rest of the new ballpark.


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Chipotle Burrtto

A little later in the parade Julia and I were excited to see this large foil wrapped burrito float going down Rangeline Road. Some of the folks along the curb were wondering why this guy was getting his picture taken. First with the burger, then with the burrito. I was getting hungry by this time.

Patriotic Eagle

We were going to the airport to pick Julia up on July 3rd. In case you didn’t know, Indiana is fireworks state. You can buy all sorts of fireworks here. You just have to be careful since you cannot take the fireworks on the plane with you if you are leaving the state on a plane. You would be much better off driving your purchases out of state.


Patriotic Eagle

Fan Day Colt Helmet

This was on the field at the RCA Dome for fan day. We were able to walk around the stadium, look at available seats. Of course, as of Jan 27th, the Colts are in the Superbowl, so it is about time to get this image on the site.


Fan Day Colt Helmet

Univ. of Maryland Terrapin

Sometimes it takes the cooperation of other people to get the special Big Picture. I owe the sighting for this big Terrapin to Julia since she sighted it at a Univ of Maryland football game. She saved it for me until Parents Weekend. Then Deb talked to a couple of special people who were the ushers that allowed us to go onto the field in the endzone to get this image. Thanks Sid,  you guys showed a great sense of humor! Update: I received a nice note from Sid a little after I originally posted the image.


Maryland Terrapin

National Highway Gorilla

Julia and Deb were on their way from Maryland to Indy when Julia eyed this beauty at Exit 62 on I-70 (which just happens to be US-40, the National Highway. Rainbow Industries rents inflatables, tents, etc and this gorilla stood out front. We got this image on the way back after dropping Julia off at UMD.


National Highway Gorilla

Car Sale Gorilla

We were on our way from Indy to Prudenville along I-69. Right after I told Deb and Julia they had to keep an eye out for Big Things, Deb spotted this inflatable at the “Huge Car Sale” near the US127 exit in Ithaca, MI. We got off at the next exit and circled back for this photo opportunity.


Car sale Gorilla


Runnemede PT Cruser

I got a call from Bird Dog Mike who was on his way home when he saw this inflatable PT Cruiser outside LaFlam Chrsyler Plymouth in Runnemede, NJ. I didn’t have time to get the photo that night and took the risk (always dangerous with inflatables) that it would be there on Saturday morning. It was!


Runnemede PT Cruser

Michigan Uncle Sams

These inflatable Uncle Sam’s are a very rare “triple.” Driving into Michigan on July 3rd there are several fireworks stores at Sterns Road (Exit 1) and US-23. The left photo was taken at Star Fireworks. they must have great prices since they had a man directing traffic into the parking lot and a huge pile of empty fireworks boxes. Across US-23 on the west side of the road was the All American Fireworks store (center.) The crowd wasn’t quite as big but they were hustling some pretty good numbers here as well. The Uncle Sam stood watch over the entrance. Notice the “No Smoking” sign, Duh! The Uncle Sam inflatable on the right is the one that caught Deb’s eye as we were driving up 23. Actually she was looking for a White Castle so we could get a fix, but she spotted this guy up on his platform and decked out for the 4th of July. Quite the find.


Michigan Uncle Sam 1


Michigan Uncle Sam 2


Michigan Uncle Sam 3

JMU Dragon

We were visiting Benjamin in November during Parents Weekend at JMU and were on our way to pick something up at the mall, when I innocently asked him if he had seen anything “Big” lately. He got quite excited and said that he had just spotted a big dinosaur in front of a car dealership. The rest was history. Now you see the photo.


JMU Dragon

“The Quelle” Guinness

On the way back from Long Beach Island, NJ is a bar and restaurant, “The Quelle” that had this big inflatable over the deck. Deb and I had a beer and a frank after a hard day taking Big Pictures, all the while sitting under this gem. Fortunately we met the owner and once again Deb talked him into taking us up on to the roof for this photo opportunity.


“The Quelle” Guinness