Michigan Uncle Sams

These inflatable Uncle Sam’s are a very rare “triple.” Driving into Michigan on July 3rd there are several fireworks stores at Sterns Road (Exit 1) and US-23. The left photo was taken at Star Fireworks. they must have great prices since they had a man directing traffic into the parking lot and a huge pile of empty fireworks boxes. Across US-23 on the west side of the road was the All American Fireworks store (center.) The crowd wasn’t quite as big but they were hustling some pretty good numbers here as well. The Uncle Sam stood watch over the entrance. Notice the “No Smoking” sign, Duh! The Uncle Sam inflatable on the right is the one that caught Deb’s eye as we were driving up 23. Actually she was looking for a White Castle so we could get a fix, but she spotted this guy up on his platform and decked out for the 4th of July. Quite the find.


Michigan Uncle Sam 1


Michigan Uncle Sam 2


Michigan Uncle Sam 3

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