Motor Time Native American

After eating lunch at a Gold Star Chili restaurant we followed Vine down to Motor Time Auto Sales hoping to get an image of this Big Indian (Native American, First People) sign out front. Unfortunately it wasn’t a great shot due to the scaffolding. However on the bright side, at least some care is being taken for his well being.


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“Big” Big Boy

During our visit to Cincinnati we were on our way to Jungle Jim’s International Market (if you haven’t been there, go!) The chief photographer spotted this big Big Boy dressed up for Halloween and we circled back to grab this image.

big boy

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Big Duct Man

There are so many people that have fun with their business. In this case it is Jacobs Mechanical on Hopple St. in Cincinnati. They must be in heating and cooling, thus the Big Duct Man. One warning, Hopple Street is pretty dangerous to cross, traffic moves fast and there are hills and curves that hides traffic until it is on top of you. No standing in the street to get this image, the Chief Photographer actually had to go to the end of the block to cross with the light.

duct man

Hada, Allan made a cold face. the girl Kelsey chasing, her flip flops in a very irreversible way. Big Duct Man

Sign Museum Genie

A Big Genie greets visitors to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. I wonder where this Big Beauty stood before relocating to Cincinnati. Anyway, he is one of several Big Things outside the museum. We were in Cincinnati for Fall Break from school (actually only 1 night, big deal) planning to have some chili and visit the Underground History Museum. In my opinion the museum was much better than the chili. Sorry Cincinnati, I like the Coney Dog chili in Detroit better.


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Ocean City Muffler Man

This is a really cool Muffler Man in a Pirate form. When we were in Ocean City, Maryland we drove past a couple times before really spotting him at the Jolly Roger Amusement parton the Coastal Highway. One morning we stopped by to get this image, the place was vacant, we took this image and one Big Aminal image before realizing that the park wasn’t open for the day. I guess we could have wandered around but we didn’t feel comfortable doing that.


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Bethany Beach Pirate

This was a great surprise. One morning when we traveled up from Ocean City, Maryland we stopped in Bethany Beach to walk around. Bethany looks like a real nice place to spend some time, stop by if you get in the area. On the way out of town we took some side streets and spotted this Big Skelton Pirate, as you guessed, in a minature golf course.


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Fishers Freedom Festival

We were at the Freedom Festival event in Fishers, Indiana and ran across Master Yoo’s booth. This Big Inflatable caught my eye. I tried my best but I don’t think I have a future in Tae Kwon Do. I would like to get one of these costumes/robes or whatever you call it.

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Pigeon Forge “Mt. Rushmore”

Also in Pigeon Forge is The Hollywood Wax Museum, currently under construction but looks to open soon. Despite the construction we were able to get this image. We guessed the profiles were John Wayne, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin. Do you agree? There appears to be more Big Things to come on this site.

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I helped as the finishing artist on this ‘Mt Rushmore’ at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge. It’s unique as it was computer sculpted in Styrofoam and then hard coated with 2 unique hard coats. One is a wall spray ‘concrete’. The other is my own invention: Flex-a-Rock… A flexible cement-like sculpting paste. Flex-a-Rock is the only material that can make a faux brick or stone wall on canvas or Tyvek and be shipped rolled up like a poster. It will, I believe, change the way textures and decorative surfaces will be applied in theme parks, zoos and as faux finishes.

Sincerely, John Votel


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Tennessee Pirate

This was a planned capture during our Spring Break trip to the Smokies in Tennessee. This guy is located on Veterans Parkway, on the first block east of Rt. 441 in Pigeon Forge. If you continue on this street you will end up in Dollywood. This poor guy still stands in front of a closed minature golf course and needs some help, maybe I’ll set up a “Big Things Rescue Program” for guys like this. I think with a little love he could be a treasure. What do you think?


Tennessee Pirate

Erwin High School Mascot

In front of Clyde A. Erwin High School you can see Chief Willy. The sports teams are nicknamed the Warriors and I suspect the Chief is their mascot. (BTW, Clyde A. Erwin was the North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1934 to 1952.) If you look closely you can see that I am holding an umbrella, it was raining pretty good, but that’s OK, all part of the Big Thing experience. The rain held off all day while we were at Biltmore. It rained for the next 90 minutes until we got back to the cabin in Gatlinburg. Good timing!


Erwin High School Mascot


Chief Pontiac

If you only visit the Smokies once, be sure to leave a day to visit the Biltmore in Asheville. It’s the largest personal residence in the US. Quite a place. However I was more intesested in getting some Big Pictures. Here is Chief Pontiac who stands in front of Harry’s Cadillac-GMC located at the corner of Patton and Florida behnd the Sav-mor. They used to sell Pontiac brand cars there until GM discontinued the line. Maybe he should now be called Chief GMC?


Chief Pontiac

Illinois Muffler Gal

Last Big Person on the last leg of the out-West trip yielded this version of the Big Muffler Gal. She stands on SW Washington Street in Peoria. The only other Muffler Gal I have stands in Hilltop, NJ and is one of the first photos I have. She was updated when I last visited her and she changed from a Jackie O look to a Wonder Woman. This gal has nothing to hide!


Illinois Muffler Gal

Pitchfork Pete

Mills Fleet Farm Stores is a chain of general merchandise stores in the upper mid-West. While they have a broad range of products, of course their focus is on products that appeal to small town, rural farmer-types. In Albert Leas,Minnesota (pop. 18,356) the Mills Farm Fleet store has this guy standing out front. Locally they call him Pitchfork Pete. He looks happy enough.


Pitchfork Pete

Blue Earth Jolly Green Giant

We were making the run home from the sights in South Dakota but decided to take time to slip off I-90 for a quick stop in Blue Earth, Minnesota, location of this 55 ft. Jolly Green Giant. It was worth the trip since it is REALLY BIG!


Blue Earth Jolly Green Giant

Rapid City Muffler Man

I found a lot of Big Things in Rapid City. Maybe it’s the proximity to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Maybe it’s the long cold winters, remember there are lots of Big Things in Minnesota too. Anyway we drove past this guy on a couple of trips and didn’t see him until we specifically were looking for him. Funny how that works!

muffler man

Rapid City Muffler Man

Tires, Tires, Tires

Tires, doctor Tires, Tires walks the walk and talks the talk. Outside their store on East Omaha Street in Rapid City, SD stands this tireman. Just the statement needed from a store that sells tires exclusively. There is another big tire man in Sioux City that I know about but it is not nearly as colorful or well mannered as this example. BTW, stop in for a sandwich and a malt beverage at Firehouse Brewery.


Rapid City Tire Man


Johnny One Feather

This is Johnny One Feather, immortalized as an immense advertising symbol. Used to draw attention to the the pan-for-gold attraction behind his statue. I didn’t go in to try my luck panning for gold, seemed like a tourist trap, where they salt the stream and gravel with some gold. Maybe I’m just too cynical. By the way he is located right next to a big Muffler Man. You can park in one spot and visit both.


Johnny One Feather

Presidents Park

Just north of Lewie’s Saloon & Eatery on US-85 south of Lead, South Dakota (see Big Bear holding a fish in the Big Animals section) we happened upon Presidents Park. It’s closed now but would be a mecca for Big Presidential Busts. This big bust of Honest Abe stands outside the park to lure tourists into the park.


Lincoln Bust

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

While it appears that Presidents Park is closed these three Big Busts are located in the area on SD-79 south of Rapid City in front of the Rockin’ R Saloon & Steakhouse which is in Hermosa, SD. I call this The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. I’ll let you decide which is which.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Sturgis Muffler Man

If you don’t already know it, Sturgis, SD is the home to the largest biker rally in the US. Fortunately we were there about 10 days before the big shindig. The town is overwhelmed with bikers making the trek to their mecca. The Full Throttle Saloon bills itself as the “World’s Largest Biker Bar.” To add to the ambiance they have this Muffler Man out front. He must appeal to the clientel since he’s holding a cigar and mug of beer. I wonder if there are any DUI’s issued. What do you think?

muffler man

Sturgis Muffler Man