Casey Bank Token

enter Lowest prices for Generic and Brand drugs. Bonus 10 free pills, discounts and FREE SHIPPING. Cheapest drugs online - buy and A second visit to Casey, Illinois revealed a few Big Things we missed on the first trip.  Here is a Big Wooden Token (nickel) in front of the Casey Statek.  There must be a lot of traffic since they had signs at the entrance to the parking lot directing visitors to parking locations to view the token.  Actually, it wasn’t such a big deal.  Just a sign for the bank.


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Casey Yardstick

Buy from Canada Drugs, an online Canadian Pharmacy that offers free shipping on all orders of discount Nizoral. During our last visit in October we drove right past this yardstick a couple of times.  I don’t know how we missed it.  Probably since we were looking for the World’s Largest Windchime.  Funny how you can miss a Big Thing. By the way, since we visited in September, the Guinness Book sent a representative to Casey to verify their claims to World’s Largest wind chime, rocking chair, pitchfork and maybe some other things.


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Casey Mailbox Update without prescription in USA, UK, Australia. Lowest Price and Best Quality Guaranteed 24h online support, Absolute anonymity & Fast Here’s the Big Mailbox that we captured on our visit in September.  At the time it was still at the metal fabricator.  Now it mounted on a post in downtown Casey.  The area around the mailbox still needs some landscaping but I’m sure this will happen.  I really like this town and their mission.  They even have a website for you to visit.


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Dan’s Big Pencil Lowest prices for Generic and Brand drugs. Bonus 10 free pills, discounts and FREE SHIPPING. Cheapest drugs online - buy and I got this tip from Dan Mitchell who knows the Indianapolis area as well as anyone I know.  It’s on East 65th street just west of Binford Blvd. in front of the Collegiate Housing Services office.  I don’t know if the pencil was formed from a unused telephone pole or how it came to be there.


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Casey IL Wind Chime

On the way home from St. Louis the Chief Photographer spotted some small signs on the roadside promoting the “World Largest Chimes.”  Well, there was no way to pass this up.  We exited at Casey, IL to see the Wind Chimes and to see additional signs for the “World Largest Golf Tee.”  Another find.  We found the wind chimes, the first of many Big Things in this town.


Caesy IL Wind Chime

Casey Country Club Big Tee

This Big Golf Tee at the Casey Country Club is another find in Casey, Illinois.  I don’t know when I ran into this many Big Things in a single town.  With a population of 2,716 and 8 Big Things, this is probably the most Big Thing concentrated place in the United States.


Casey Country Club Golf Tee

Sunday afternoon and the store was closed but the Big Knitting Needles and Big Crochet Hook were on display in the store window of The Yarn Store.  I prefer not to take photos through a window since I like to get inside and try to get the backstory.  One time I got a photo of a giant popcorn ball behind glass in Sac City, Iowa (see Food and Drink Archives: July, 2011) but there was signage about the object.


Big Needles

Big Mailbox

Our last stop leaving Casey was to visit a Big Thing as a work in progress.  We were told about this Big Mailbox, knowing it was not complete.  It will end up a block away from the Big Pencil, near downtown.  The mailbox is missing the door and mail indicator flag.  It may also get painted.  There was no one around at the fabrication site since it was late Sunday afternoon.


Big Mailbox

Pasadena Fork in the Road

Another fork in the road.  This one in Pasadena, California.  Here is some info from Bird Dog Andy.

“I got some more intel on that fork in Pasadena from Jacob and Meghana yesterday. It apparently was very controversial when they put it in since it was installed by the artist without any permission. There was a years long fight about it but was eventually allowed.”

In the concrete in the base is inscribed, “Peace, Love and Harmony.”


Fork in the Road

Shade Gap Elementary

You never know where Big Things will appear.  We had just left the Moretz cabin on the Juniata River in Pennsylvania when we drove past the Shade Gap Elementary School.  I didn’t see these Big Crayons but the Chief Photographer did and called for a quick U-turn.  This photo is the result.

Shade Gap Elementary

Shade Gap Elementary

Keyer Pipe Shop Sign

While we were in Cincinnati for the Brain Tumor walk we visited the Cincinnati Art Museum.  While walking through some of the galleries we spotted this Big Pipe.  Turns out it was a sign in front of the Keyer Pipe House Shop which was on Main Street between 12 and 13th.  The sign was installed in 1917 and lasted thee until 1983 when the shop closed.


Keyer Pipe Shop Sign

Andy T’s Radio Flyer

My Uncle Ed lives in St. Johns, Michigan and when we stop to see him we generally stop at Andy T’s market.  They have a lot of landscaping plants, (we purchased some) and a small market with a lot of home made goods like pastries, jelly, etc.  Always a good stop.  In the past there was a Big Chair in the field nearby.  This time, well hello!  This big Radio Flyer was next to the parking lot.  Wow, what an unexpected find.


Andy T’s Radio Flyer

Hammer in Hand Custom Cycles Anvil

Well, we were up in Michigan to visit my Uncle Ed. While there we spent some time and drove through St. Johns, and we noticed this Big Anvil atop the Hammer in Hand Custom Cycles building.  I visited briefly but it’s taken me some time to get this image up on the site.  This is my first Big Anvil, who knew it would be in St. Johns.


Hammer in Hand Anvil


Minneapolis Airport Bookstore

On the way home from the LA trip we changed planes in the Minneapolis airport. On the way to the commuter terminal I found this bookstore with a couple big pile of books and some oversize newspapers decorating the front of the store.  Now, I traveled through MSP for years and never spotted these big things.


Minneapolis Airport Bookstore

Santa Monica Fork in the Road

On the way from Ventura we spotted this Big Fork on Main Street in Santa Monica.  Grabbed a parking spot around the corner (not the easiest thing to do in Santa Monica) to get this image.  This, I found out is the symbol/logo for the Fork in the Road Restaurant, a “New American Restaurant.” What ever that means.  It was mid-afternoon and were headed for a great dinner at “The Lobster,” at the base of the Santa Monica Pier so we didn’t stop in for a nosh.


Santa Monica Fork in the Road

California Science Center Gyroscope

We had a visitor’s choice day according to Julia’s trip schedule during our Spring Break Trip to Los Angeles.  It was a fine Tuesday morning and after visiting the magnificent rose garden in the park out front we visited the California Science Center.  What a great museum!  Lot’s of school groups present and the museum has lots of interactive displays which keep their attention.  The museum is also the home to the retired Space Shuttle Endeavor.  A good presentation on space travel and videos of the arrival of the space shuttle, both the fly-overs as well as the surface movement of the shuttle onto the museum grounds.  I was even happier when we spotted this big gyroscope mounted outside the ExploraStore.


California Science Center Gyroscope