Rocky Top Pig Pill Shop, Cheap Prices. Free samples for all orders. Online Drug Shop, Big Discounts No Prescription Required. Fully licensed This is one great Big Pig! It was an unexpected treat to find him in front of Rocky Top Exchange on SR-46 in Spenser, Indiana. We had stopped to hike in McCormick’s State Park on our way to a short log cabin vacation in Brown county. As we were leaving the park I looked to the right and saw this big guy atop a hill across the road and made a quick change in direction. We didn’t see him on the way in since he was up high. Rocky Top sells all sorts of small wooden structures, from chicken coups, to play houses, to storage buildings. In addition to this pig they had a grizzly bear and gorilla but they didn’t seem bigger than life.


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Indiana Squirrel

| Best sale🔥 |. Know the uses, side effects, price, composition, substitutes, ☀☀☀ ☀☀☀,Are You Searching Best pill?. We were hiking in Brown County State Park and stayed to have lunch at the Abe Martin Lodge. On the way to the dining room on the second floor we spotted this Big Squirrel.  I imagine I am not the first to have my photo taken with him, what do you think?


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4th of July Geiko The 4th of July Festival in Carmel is a lot of fun and offers entertainment throughout the day following the end of the parade. There are multiple performance stages, food booths and vendor and information booths. This Big Gecko was outside the GEICO booth so naturally I had to grab a shot.  Notice the Red, White and Brew T-shirt.


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Latitude 39 blow-up

follow Latitude 39 is a new Family Entertainment Center that recently opened near our house. It bills itself as a Premier Entertainment Center. They offer 70,000 sq. ft. of entertainment: a sports theater, luxury bowling, game room, lots of TV and dining. Sounds like an exciting place. Prior to opening they were looking for new hires to satisfy all their guests and used this inflatable dragon to catch their eye. The Chief Photographer spotted this guy and we were able to grab this image.

Latitude 13 Dragon

go to site Latitude 13 Dragon

Matt’s Wedding Poodle Lowest prices for Generic and Brand drugs. Bonus 10 free pills, discounts and FREE SHIPPING. Cheapest drugs online - buy and We were in Baltimore for Matt and Erin’s wedding. This gave us the rationale to spend the prior week at the Maryland Shore. A week well spent, Sun, Surf and Seafood. The wedding was at the Old Otterbein Church downtown with the reception at the American Visionary Art Museum. What a great place for a reception. This poodle was on the ground floor. This is a mixed marriage, Erin is a Redskins fan while Matt roots for the Eagles. Dan almost started a riot by referring to this arch rivarly in his Best Man’s toast. I thought he looked familiar, I have a photo of him at the Baltimore Visitors Center, you can see it below.


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MD Shore Monkey

Ah, the Shore. In this case the Maryland shore at Ocean City. As a veteran of Ocean City, New Jersey it was good to make a comparison. Lot more high rises, probably since they draw a lot more people here from Baltimore and Washington, DC. As expected the minature golf courses and small amusement parks cry out for Big Things. In this case it was a tilt-a-whirl type ride on the OC boardwalk at Jolly Roger on the Boardwalk. If you’re daring try the “slingshot ride!”


Boardwalk Monkey

Adventure Golf Octopus

A little farther up the road we hit a jackpot with multiple Big Thing hits. It was early in the morning when we stopped at Adventure Golf. This octopus was guarding the second hole. Pretty scary, sure to throw you off your game. I got a little too close but thankfully was saved by the groundskeeper, the only person nearby at this time of day. I didn’t get his name but did leave him with one of my business cards. Hopefully he get in contact. What a lifesaver!


Adventure Golf

Tennessee Dragon

Our last Big Animal on the Spring Break trip to the Smokies. Actually we noted this on the way down just south of Exit 134 along I-75. Take the exit in Caryville, TN go east about 100 yards and turn south on John McGhee Blvd, Rt. 116. John McGhee was the son of the railroad magnate Charles McClung McGhee active in railroad building in eastern Tennessee. Anyway, this dragon is south about 1/2 mile, just past the Motel 6 at the site that was once the Thunder Mountain Fireworks. We didn’t see any sign of Thunder Mountain except a concrete pad. Oh well, the dragon still looks pretty good, enjoy!


Tennessee Dragon

Nashville (IN) Dogs

A found image from our trip down to Columbus and Nashville, Indiana during Fall Break (one day) 2011. Shopping is in order in Nashville, an artsy village in southern Indiana. I’m not quite sure what these big dogs were doing in front of “For Bare Feet Too” a store dedicated to selling socks. More bewildering was the dog wearing the number 18 jersey, which was Peyton Mannings number. Remember this is the 2-14 Colts season when Peyton didn’t play. Go figure.

Nashville Dogs

Nashville Dogs

Corn Palace Buffalo

We were spending the night in Mitchell, SD, famous for it’s Corn Palace. Interesting place to see, but better yet the city with many Big Things. This buffalo is in front of the Corn Palace Motel and may be related to the Big Buffalo below in front of Big Al’s.


Corn Palace Bull

Olivia’s Prairie Dog

I was finally able to get this image, originally spotted by the intrepid Bird Dog – Olivia. Her report last year inspired me to get out to The Ranch Store in Cactus Flats, South Dakota. Not only was this big concrete Prairie Dog on display but the fields around him were filled with regular sized live prairie dogs. I wonder if they look at him as some sort of Prairie Dog God?


Olivia’s Prairie Dog


Birthday Buffalo

We were returning from my sisters surprise birthday party in St. Louis and stopped to get this Buffalo that I had spotted on our way west. Not sure how big buffalos actually are, but he’s pretty good size. I have another buffalo this size from Jim Hipps Nursery in SW Indiana, near Evansville. That photo is also on this page.


Birthday Buffalo

Habig’s Halloween Spider

This was the finale to the Saugatuck trip and just about 5 miles from home. This crafty spider was constructed in front of the Habig Nursery in Westfield, Indiana. Note the Big Trowel in the background, this is a trademark for Habig’s, they have another one outside the College Street store in Indy.


Halloween Spider

You’re Getting Sleepy

My favorite Birdog and #1 fan called me to say that this Serta Sheep was going to be in front of the hh gregg stores headquarters. Karen told me about other items as well, like the Kissmobile she spotted. hh gregg is a regional, going national, appliance and electronics store. They’ve had other inflatables out front in the past like the Sirius Satellite radio dog.


Serta Sheep

Serta Sheep

Trojan Horse

Leaving one of the river tours, which involved an ex-US Army amphibious duck we spotted this Trojan Horse at the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. A water park, go cart track, mini golf all rolled into one. Gives you an inkling of what the Dells has to offer.

Mt. Olympus Trojan Horse

Mt. Olympus Trojan Horse

Piggly Wiggly Pig

On the way out of Oshkosh we were passing through Omro and spotted this Big Pig outside the Piggly Wiggly supermarket on Route 21. Omro had a couple of slogans posted on the side of the road. “Bridge to the Future” and “Picturesque and Proud.” Sounds like a nice town.

Piggly Wiggly Pig

Piggly Wiggly Pig

A Bunch More of Mel’s Big Animals

Now we’ve been taking these photos for a couple of decades and have not run into an abundance of Big Things like this. It’s like eating all the chocolate you want. Almost an overdose of Big Stuff. Before we finished we had “battle fatigue.” Mel tested our stamina with his assortment. (In fact, I’m feeling fatigue just trying to post all of these.)

Baltimore Harbor Poodle

The Baltimore Harbor Visitors Center is home to this big poodle. I don’t know the story behind it (I think it was used in some type of parade) but we spotted it when visiting. Actually we were just going through the visitor motions in order to have crab cakes at Phillips for lunch. What we do for good seafood when you live in the middle of the country.


Baltimore Harbor Poodle