Wal-Mart Fritos

Meredith and I were in Bentonville to see our buyer Sarah at Wal-Mart.  The visit went well and we went across the street to store #100 to check out the plan-o-gram.  This is one of the best stores since it is right across from the Home Office (Wal-Mart speak for headquarters.) On our way in to the store we spotted this Big Snack blow-up.  It was a good day – good customer call – good photo op.


Wal-Mart Fritos

Pulling out of the Kmart lot and turning right both Ben and I let out a cheer of excitement when we saw this unexpected inflatable infront of the Mattress Warehouse store on Route 33 in Harrisonburg.


Harrisonburg Mattress

Duffield’s Farm Market Corn

Another close-to-home-shot outside Duffield’s Farm Market. Silver Queen Jersey corn was in season. If you haven’t been to Duffield’s in Sewell, NJ, go. They have a llama, a peacock and other exotic animals for the kids to see. In May you can pick your own strawberries. Nice produce and baked goods too.


Duffield’s Farm Market Corn


I suppose if there were other people that did what I do they would object to including inflatables as not being “substantial.” I take the opposite view. I like finding Big Things and since inflatables are so transitory they are more than found art, they are lucky timing art. Wendy is a case in point. Thanks to Nancy.



Sorry Looking 9 Ball

This may one of the sorriest of inflatables that I have ever seen. Dirty, underinflated, what a mess. I don’t understand how a business owner would think that this would attract customers into the showroom.  Beats me!


Sorry Looking 9 ball


Alabma Coke

“Gads, another inflatable. Has this man no sense of propriety?” A big Bronx cheer to you. Found this while out with a salesman in Alabama. You can tell by my clothes when I’m working (ha, ha!) Opportunity and chance make up a big portion of this hobby.


Alabama Coke

Casablanca Cone

I call this the Casablanca Cone. This is a more or less stationary inflatable that shows up outside the Casablanca Ice Cream Parlor. Timing is everything in cases like this since, even though you know it appears you have to be ready to take action. One cell phone call and I dropped what I was doing, grabbed the camera and moved. This hobby is not for the faint of heart.


Casablanca Cone


Monster Beverages Fosters

Here’s an example of timing. Monster Beverages was having their Grand Opening sale in Glassboro, NJ when I spotted this inflatable. Without camera or photographer at the time I wheeled in and asked if this beauty would still be up on Saturday. After a couple of strange looks and consultations I found out it would.


Monster Beverage Fosters