Gail’s Bull

Now here is the bull that Gail told us about. She said it is painted regularly and my guess is this one fits the bill. It was also dead-on with where Melynda has it one the her map. It stands proudly(?) outside Karmon’s Produce on SR67 between Franklin Road and Post Road. Update: I’ve been by this bull many time since and it seems to be a different color each time.


Gail’s bull

Urbana Cow

You can’t understand the concept of “found art” until you face what I did with this cow. We were dropping Andy off for school and were walking out of a Best Buy store in Urbana, IL when lo and behold, across I-74 – a big cow. What an opportunity! I have a more entertaining image of this but the transfer service keep screwing it up.


Urbana Cow