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I like this section a lot. I guess I find myself saying that about a lot of these pages. Big Objects are all around us, all we have to do is open our eyes. In my list of bird dog sightings I have more Big Objects than any other Big Thing. I have boots, paperclips, hats, you name it. But I'm always on the lookout for more. Just let me know. If you want to see the Big Things already reported go to my "Bird Dog Tips" page.

Smartphone The Indianapolis Home Show has been the site of my first Big Thing photos of the year. This year yielded a couple. Here is a Big Smartphone located in the Comcast booth right at the west entrance. Chris was kind enough to let us take this photo. If you look closely at the screen on the phone you can just make out the Chief Photographer in the lower left.

This is a new one. This granite company exhibits every year showing a wide variety of large granite slabs. It's always interesting to see the many different types of granite on display. This year to draw attention to their booth they displayed this big granite vase. I don't know how they did this, must have used the largest granite lathe ever made. Quite impressive work. Big Granite Vase

Crayons Here is a Big Crayon and Big Pencil. We were on our way to a log cabin in Brown County, Indiana after hiking in McCormick's State Park. As we were driving the Chief Photographer spotted these big items and shouted "Stop, turn around, there were some Big Crayons back there." Sure enough, out in front of the Edgewood Early Childhood Center on SR-46 in Ellettsville, IN were these babies. May be the first Big Crayon on the site, I already had a Big Pencil that Andy gave me, see below.

Outside the T&H Sweeeper Company branch on Indiana SR-9 in Anderson I spotted this Big Vacuum. We were on our way to Mounds State Park. Indiana has some very nice state parks and we have started to visit them. Mounds web site describes it best stating it "features 10 unique "earthworks" built by a group of prehistoric Indians known as the Adena-Hopewell people. The largest earthwork, the "Great Mound", is believed to have been constructed around 160 B.C. Archaeological surveys seem to indicate it was used as a gathering place for religious ceremonies." We enjoyed our time in the park, it's nice that it is so close to home. Big Vacuum

Avatar Boots The Children's Museum of Indianapolis where I volunteer once a week had a Volunteer Recognition evening coinciding with the opening of "Avatar: The Exhibition." We were able to experience the new exhibit and found these Big Boots to illustrate the difference in size between humans and Avatars. The lower gravity allowed everything to grow to a larger size. If you plan to visit Indianapolis, plan to spend some time in the museum. On a Wednesday morning stop in at Science Works on the 4th floor and say "hi" to me.

Here is another Big Item taken in front of Sullivan Hardware, on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis. I have many shots taken at this location. See the Big Green Egg inflatable just a couple shots below this. This big Adirondack Chair showed up a few days ago and we stopped by to grab this shot before it disappeared. Thanks again, Sullivan's and keep the Big Things coming. Sullivan Chair

Maryland Rocker This Big Rocker is not the biggest I have but it does fit the bill to be included on the site. It's located in Hagerstown, Maryland. We stopped to grab this image and the next after visiting Harper's Ferry on our Spring Break trip to Philadelphia. In Harper's Ferry we stayed at The Angler Bed and Breakfast, something we rately do, and after a wonderful breakfast we started the day getting some Big Things.

After getting the Coke bottle and Big Rocker in Hagerstown we traveled north on I-81 to the Keystone Fireworks Company in Pennsylvania, just over the Mason-Dixon line. This is one big firecracker. There were a lot of no smoking signs around the building as you might expect. They weren't open at but this was one big store. Penna Fireworks

Green Egg Sullivans Hardware, on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis, is fast becoming my inflatable site of preference. They regularly have suppliers place inflatables in front of the store. Driving by recently I spotted this big inflatable before the Chief Photographer. She asked why we were turning into the parking lot, then she spotted this Big Green Egg Cooker inflatable. This ceramic cooker is the latest trend in grilling. The company calls it "The Ultimate Cooking Experience." I bet it's a pretty good grill.

Years ago, we traveled from Philadelphia to Champaign, Illinois to drop Andy off to start his freshmen year at the University of Illinois. We spent the night in Indianapolis and found a Big Trowel at Habig's nursery in Westfield (image below.) Well, after we moved to Indianapolis in 2002 I found that Habig had multiple locations. The original location is on College Ave just south of Broad Ripple. Recently we stopped to get this image on a cold morning after a good snowfall. Here is the first trowel, dressed up with a Santa hat. Haibig Trowel

Faucet To prove the point that you never know where you will find a "Big Thing" this is one example. We were at the Indianapolis Home Show and found this Big Water Faucet at the Culligan booth. We spoke with Kim and she allowed us to grap this image of the self supoporting faucet.

Also at the Home Show the CertaPro Painters had a booth. All the people visiting the model house saw this booth. Of course, I noticed the person inside this Big Paint Brush. My thaks to JJ Darr for allowing us to grab this image.. Big Paint Brush

Bumblebee I am a volunteer at the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis one morning a week. It's the worlds largest Childrens Museum, so it's only fitting that I work there. Recently the Chief Photographer had a day off and spent some time exploring the museum. Some images are on the Seasonal page, these are a couple of other Big Objects. In the atrium stand the Bumblebee, a transformer type guy that all the visitors love, I work in the Science Works area. One area there is the Health House and this guy on the right invites childrens to exercise everyday. On the floor in front of him is a twister type game for the children to play. Sitting Potato

On the campus of Indiana University/Perdue University in Columbus we tracked down this Big Globe fountain. Named Discovery it is called a kugel, from the German word for ball. A mere 12 pounds of water pressure supports the nearly 2,300 pound globe, made from granite from South Africa. Each of the books is made from a different type of granite from the Bavarian Forest in Germany, and together they weigh more than 9,400 pounds. Big Globe

Bowling Pin The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati opened recently and has many interesting items. Visiting Cincinnati during fall break we stopped by and found a foursome of Big Things, this Big Bowling Pin and the Hammer below. The other two are in the Food and Drink and Big People sections. I have a couple of other Big Bowling Pins on the site below. There are two bowling alleys here in Indy, however for some reason I don't have the images from Woodland Bowl a mile or so from my house. I'll have to correct that.

This Big Hammer sign was also outside the American Sign Museum. I think the museum could have yielded some other interesting objects but it cost $15 for admission. We didn't think it was worth the time of money to enter so we left in search of other planned Big Things. Big Hammer

Arrow Andy and Lindsey joined us for a few relaxing days in Ocean City, Maryland. A great time together. Saturday we left the ocean for Baltimore to attend Matt and Erin's wedding on the Inner Harbor. After checking into our hotel we decided to have lunch together. Andy had scoped this out and led us to historic Fells Point and Max's Taphouse. What a place. From their website - "With 140 rotating drafts, 5 Hand-Pumped Cask Ales, and a world-spanning collection of approximately 1200 bottled beers in stock, Max's is legendary for having Maryland's largest selection of local and imported beer." I don't think you go there for the food, which was OK. Andy studied the beer menu for a while. If I lived nearby I would be a regular. They even have a "Monday sucks Happy Hour." How cool! Oh, and they had this Big Arrow hanging from the ceiling. The bartender didn't know the story behind this.

After setteling into our condo in Ocean City, Maryland and getting some beach time, we decided to have lunch at Harpoon Hannah's in Fenwick Island, Delaware. We had a couple terrific recommendations and wanted to eat there. Before lunch we drove even farther north to get a feel for Bethany Beach and Rehoboth, Delaware. We'd passed through Rehoboth a few years ago when we took the Lewes-Cape May ferry. I liked both Rehoboth and thought Bethany Beach was a place that we might stay in the future. More likely we'll be at the New Jersey shore in Avalon or Stone Harbor. Anyway, back to the Big Picture, which was this set of Big chairs outside of Perfect Furnishings in Bethany Beach. Nice chairs. Good food on the deck at Harpoon Hannah's, crab, crab, crab. Love it! Bethany Chair

Ear One of the interesting things about being married to an historian is that you make stops that normal people don't. In this case, we were on our way to a week at the Maryland shore before attending Matt's wedding in Baltimore. Interstates I-70 and I-68 follow much of the old National Road (now US-40 for the most part.) Anyway, we were about to pass through Cumberland, Maryland where the National Road originated at the Potomac River. Since we stopped previously in Vandalia, Indiana where the Road terminated we had to stop to see the beginning point. Traveling into Cumberland on US-40 we spotted this Big Ear, outside the "All About Hearing" shop. We circled back, got the shot and had a nice chat with the proprietors of the shop. (BTW, the National Road was the first major road to use the new macadam road surface.)

We were in Muncie, Indiana on a nice June Saturday to attend my niece Caitlin's wedding. We got there early and were on our way to meet my sister, Catherine and Dale at Oakurst Gardens, a very relaxing park in Muncie. Traveling down N. Wheeling Ave we spotted this Big T-shirt promoting the Outfitter Screen Printing and Embroidery shop. Catherine had to wait. Muncie T-shirt

Skate I spotted this Big Skate outside one of the entrances to the Indiana State Fairgrounds where the Indianapolis Ice were playing. This year they are playing downtown at the Bankers Field arena while the Pepsi Coliseum is being refurbished. The Ice are members of the US Hockey League, an U20 (players are under 20 years old) hockey league. These guys are looking at a shot to play in the NHL.

Indianapolis was Super Bowl crazy in January 2012. I volunteered and received one on the 13,000+ hand knit scarves. I was surprised to see one around the neck of a dinosaur at the Children's Museum where I volunteer once a week. The dino's scarve is a story in itself. This is from the Indystar web site, "How do you knit a 30-foot scarf for a dinosaur? With broomsticks for knitting needles and 5,000 feet of rope, said Karin Schmitt, owner of Broad Ripple Knits, who helped make the dinoscarves." Take a close look and see the dino is wearing a big whistle and headset with microphone. He probably was helping the zebras. Dino Ball

Tennessee Cross Sometimes it's funny how you find Big Things. As we were on our way for a Spring Break trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee we stopped to get a photo of a patriotic chicken on Exit 141 at I-75 in Tennessee (see Big Animals page.) Once we were back on the interstate going South we immediately spotted this Big Cross. Figuring to get it on the way back we continued on. Four days later traveling back home I was surprised to remember this cross. Nice looking but neglected. It stands on Old Kentucky Road about 0.4 miles south of the exit next to the defunct Royal Blue RV Park.

Sometimes getting photos of Big Things can be stressful and this is a case in point, not that you would know. This Rubiks Cube is located in a lobby area of the Holiday Inn Select in Knoxville, Tennessee. Getting there was quite an adventure, see below. Once we arrived we spoke with Richard, who worked for the hotel. He escorted us to this object. A nice man who represented the hotel with pride. Rubiks Cube

Women's Hall of Fame As noted above, we had some difficulty getting to the Rubiks Cube, but sometimes good results follow in unexpected ways. This is a case in point. We were off target (thanks GPS) and pulled into a hotel parking lot when, lo and behold, Deb spotted this Big Basketball. Turns out we were next to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, in Knoxville. An appropriate location considering this is the home of Pat Summitt. She is the all-time winningest coach in NCAA basketball history of either a men's or women's team in any division. She has been coaching since 1974, all with the Lady Vols, winning eight NCAA national championships, second only to the record 10 titles won by UCLA men's coach John Wooden. In 38 years as a coach, she never had a losing season. On April 20, 2012, the White House announced that Pat Summitt would be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. What a great person!

Surprisingly, this is the only Big Thing Object we spotted in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. There were many more "Animals" and "Food and Drink" big things. On our way out early Friday Deb spotted this Big Boot. I slammed on the brakes and pulled in to get this photo. This is on the porch of the Boot Factory Outlet on Rt. 441, as is everything else in Pigeon Forge. The Boot Factory wasn't open at the time but I may have purchased my first pair of boots here, with a couple free to "boot." Three for One Boots

Easter Basket Wandering through the stores in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which is like Ocean City, NJ only with the shops on both sides of a street rather than a beach on one side of a boardwak and shops on the other. A lot of duplicate shops, (how many henna tattoo shops can stay in business?) There was an interesting little mall of quality shops and in the midst of this was this basket full of eggs. We had to stay a while to get this photo since it was popular with the children.

We went to a putt putt course in downtown Gatlinburg since we had a two for one coupon from our rental agency. It was a course designed for minimal space, we played our way up a hillside and down the back nine. I was doing pretty well midway through the front nine only to be ambushed by 3 holes in one by Deb on the back nine. I had to buy dinner that night due to my confidence after the 6th hole. Oh well, it was a nice dinner, first week of April and we ate outside, I had trout (the local speciality fish.) Mini Golf

Pretty Big Iron Another planned photo from Roadside America located in Asheville, NC. We left the Biltmore Estate at mid-afternoon and we were hungry. Food costs at the Biltmore were in the style of the house, a personal pizza was $18 to give you an example. Fortunately, while tracking this Big Iron in downtown Asheville we found the Early Girl Eatery. Here's a note from their website: "Early Girl Eatery opened its doors in mid October of 2001. Centrally located in downtown Asheville on historic Wall Street, the critically-acclaimed and locally beloved eatery offers delicious southern food in a casual, charming atmosphere." While traveling we are always in search of local, non-chain restaurants and Early Girl didn't let us down. Highly recommended.

On our way down to the Smokies we decided to stop for lunch in Berea, Kentucky, a nice college town and also the home of the Boone Tavern. Since Deb is a history teacher, the Boone Tavern sounded like a good place to eat. We drove through campus and into downtown and found the Boone Tavern. The Tavern turned out to be a little upscale for what we anticipated. White tablecloths, etc. Anyway we left and on the way to the car spotted the Main Street Cafe, a few doors down. This is a good local restaurant, The lunch menu offered a good choice of classic american food with enough trendy choices for the local college diners. Stop in if you are in the area Oh! I almost forgot, this big hand is next door in front of the Berea Arts Council. Berea Hand

Once a pharmacy Not all Big Things are things of beauty, especially when they assume new ownership. This is a case in point. The mortar and pestal configuration has all aspects of a drive-thru pharmacy. Now it is a liquor store, not what I was expecting when I was planning a Big Things route for our trip to Gatlinburn, Tennessee. The thing about planning ahead of time that sometimes you get great and sometimes lesser. This is the lesser.

Colorado was a surprising cornucopia of Big Things. Right after finding the big so-called "Adirondack" chair just below, we happened upon this giant guitar. As you can see it is a pretty nice find, and unexpected. I was wondering if we would get to the park after finding the chair and also a rooster and heron (on the Big Animals page.) If you haven't been to Estes Park, go. And take US-34 into town. It's spectacular. I was there a few years ago when I was "working" and knew I had to get back. Colorado Guitar

Colorado Chair An unexpected treat was finding this large Adirondack Chair on our way to Estes Park, Colorado, a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is on Eisenhower Blvd. (US-34) in Loveland, Colorado. In the background you can see a little of the Rist Benson Reservoir. Kind of ironic to have an "Adirondack" chair in the Rocky Mountains, don't you think? Maybe a "Rocking" chair would be more appropriate.

Appropriately in a town that calls itself the Klown Kapital of Nebraska - Plainview is home to a Klown Museum right on US-20. There are 4,800 Klown Dolls in this small museum. I'm, pretty sure they could bill themselves as the Klown Capital of the world. I'm sorry we were there on a Sunday when the museum was closed they offer free tours and bottled water which we could have used, it was 99 degrees. This image is "Stumpy the Klown" and is the museum mascot which stands out front (stumpy since it was carved from a tree trunk - get it?) Iowa Doll Museum

Iowa Pitchfork A pitchfork like this is something you would expect to find in Iowa. And it's a beauty. Created by Clarence Martin in 2003 it stands next to the Custom Steel Service building. If you look closely you can see the strings of lights wrapping about the sculpture. I was there in the daylight and don't know is it is light up at night or only for special occassions. If anyone from Ames, Iowa knows, send me a note.

Imagine growing up in Iowa City. Wouldn't you think that this Big Nickel would be something that you knew about? It is right on Dubuque Street on the way out of town. Not the case, as I can personally attest. When I told Dan (Iowa City born) about this sight he knew nothing about this, nor did his buds who he consulted. Just shows what we can miss in front of our eyes. Iowa City Nickel

Spine from tree This 20 foot tall spine is carved from a tree trunk. Appropriately it is located in the backyard of the Rexroth Chiropractic Clinic in West Burlington, Iowa. We took this photo while accompanied by new Bird Doggers Ann, Beth and Jerry. It was Ann's suggestion that I take my shirt off to "make a better photo!"

The Indianapolis Home Show is the first event that I associate with ending Winter and looking forward to Spring even though some years we attend in the snow. We see some of the same vendors each year making it somewhat comforting to attend. This year we found this booth for a cabinetmaker that had this Big Guitar. Turns out me made this guitar just for fun. Imagine owning a 16 ft. guitar. He made this in only a couple of weeks. Pretty cool! Indy Guitar

Indy Salt Bag This is an inflatable and as you probably know I am not particularily enamored of them. However, since I am a Big Thing addict I can't help but stop and get my photo taken. This one was local, in front of Sullivan Hardware on Keystone Avenue in Indy.

The Colts made it into the playoffs as a Wild Card after a pretty awful season (by Colts standards) due to most of their key players being injured most of the season. We hadn't seen a live gave during the regular season but tickets became available at the last minute so we scored a couple for the game with the stinkin' New York Jets. The Colts lost but I did get this Big Colts Helmut. Not much of a consolitation. Colt Playoff Cap

DC Mall Eraser We made a trip out to DC the last week in October with Jerry, Beth and Greg for the Jon Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity" on the Mall. Not only were we able to add our presence to the turnout but as an added benefit I was able to get this Big Eraser. There's another Big Eraser like this in Las Vegas which you can see on the Bird Dog page. I think they are the same size.

On the East Coast in June for Kelly and Dan's wedding. Nice affair outside Baltimore, had a lot of fun there. On Sunday I traveled with the Chief Photographer along with Julia and Dan up to DC to attend a Nationals game which was my Fathers Day gift. It was super hot but it didn't spoil my first visit to Nationals Park to see Strasburg pitch. If you're not a baseball fan, Stephen Strasburg is a phenom that's taken DC by storm. On the metro to the stadium there were more Strasburg jerseys than you could count. Outside the fan store was this Big Nats Cap. DC NatsCap

Big Shoe of Shoes The Brown Shoe company in Saint Louis has this Big Shoe made up of shoes sculpture in front of their headquarters. The Big Shoe of Shoes, sounds like an Ed Sullivan introduction, of course you have to be a Baby Boomer to understand that.

On the same trip to St Louis for Thanksgiving we were in Kirkwood to hang out and do a little shopping when eagle-eyed Deb spotted this sculpture of chairs. Luckily she had her camera handy and we were able to capture this image. Chair Sculpture

Big Eyeball The trip to Saint Louis was rich in Big Photo opportunities. Catherine and Dale took us to the Laumeier Sculpture Park to see this Big Object. Quite something. Created by the artist Tony Tasset this sculpture titled appropriately "Eye, 2007" is one of many of his artworks found in public areas. In fact, another eyeball like this can be found in Pritzker Park near the Loop in Chicago.

This muffler was a "found" Big Object we ran across on our way out of Vandalia, IN. It's on US-40 west of town near Exit 61 on I-70. We stopped in Vandalia to see the historic marker designating the terminus of the "National Road." The National Road ran from Cumberland, MD and was planned to continue to St. Louis, however funding ran out in 1838 when the road reached Vandalia. The National Road was the first major road to use the new macadam road surface. The interesting things you know when married to an historian. Muffler

Large Cross This is billed as the World's Largest Cross and I can believe it. Standing 198 feet tall with a 113 foot cross bar it is larger than the cross in Indian River, Michigan which was one of my early Big Photos and can be seen very near the bottom of this page. This cross is between exits 157 and 159 on I-55 in Effingham, IL. There is a great restaurant in Effingham named the Firefly Grill. Highly recommended if you are passing through near lunch or dinner time.

I like to "find" Big Things. Usually I have researched and charted my targets. However this chair was an unexpected treat. We were cutting cross country in Ohio, north of Dayton, just west of I-75 and spotted this chair in Piqua. It's out front of Town & Country Furniture on W. Water Street, corner or S. Wayne. If you are so inclined Xtreme Tattoos is right across the street. I was thinking of a nice dragon but was overruled. Chair

Big Wrench We were on our way back from Terra Haute and Emily's graduation party and just hit I-465. It was Sunday morning and we had a little free time when we spotted this wrench sign. We jumped off on the Executive Parkway (aka Sam Jones) and wound our way through the industrial park until we found the the sign. It was in front of the Allisonville Transmission facility next to the Comfort Suites. Also home to UAW Local 933. "Go Union" (I grew up in Detroit!)

Andy gave me this Big Pencil for Christmas a few years ago. I had a photo from Christmas morning but cannot find it. Since then it's been in my office. Here I was working on the details of this web site when this photo was snapped. I like it when someone askes me for a pencil to write down a note! Pencil

Columbus Gavel Birddog Steve Harper called this one in from Columbus, Ohio in December, just in time for us to stop on the way to Philadelphia for Christmas. This was harder to get than it looks. The gavel is in a reflecting pond and or course since it is winter there is no water. However the floor of the pond is very slick. I jumped in from the edge and nearly went topsy turvy.

Even though Steve didn't spot this, the Big Thing professional in me was able to make the stop in Columbus a double dip with this big Mortarboard hanging over the middle of the street on the campus of Franklin University near the Frasch Hall parking lot F. Check it out. Mortarboard

Quarter This Big Quarter is out front of the Down River Golf Course just east of Everett, Pennsylvania. We stopped by on the way back from Philadelphia for Christmas. Looks pretty cold and it was. Maybe next time we visit when it's warm I'll take my golf clulbs and play 18.

If you grew up in Detroit like I did, this stove was one of the more memorable landmarks in Detroit. For years it stood at the corner of Jefferson and E. Grand Blvd. near the Belle Isle Bridge. It was relocated to the Michigan State Fairgrounds where we finally tracked it down. Lindsey (a newbie to this site) and Andy were with us when we grabbed this opportunity for a photo. The Fairgrounds were "closed" but we managed to get the photo anyway. Thanks to "you know who." Stove

Joe Louis Fist At the foot of Woodward Avenue in Detroit, my hometown by the way, is a tribute to one of the Great Boxers - Joe Louis. From Detroit. He became the most notable boxer of his time - the Golden Age of boxing. I ask you, who can name the current Heavyweight Boxing Champion? Can you??.

I was at the Do-It-Best hardware seasonal show here in Indianapolis. We are a new vendor to Do-It-Best and this was a great experience for someone who likes walking around the hardware section of the store. In fact, Ben and I used to go to the hardware store just to walk around and look at the tools. A father son experience! Caulk

Shoe in Philly Debbie and I went to Philadelphia during her Spring Break. We had a great time, stopping at Nancy and Tony's cabin. We went from there to the Phillies game where they set a record, being the first professional team to lose 10,000 games. We made history! Anyway, there was this diversion for kids and seekers after of Big Things. This photo is the result.

Another Oldie but Goodie. I just rediscovered this shot in the archieves. A couple years ago Ben gave me tickets for an Indianapolis Indians game as a Father's Day present. Which, of course, meant he was coming in for a visit. Well, the tickets were for the same weekend as the NASCAR Brickyard race. Never having been to a NASCAR race I bought tickets. Long story short, this inflatable was in the lot outside outside the raceway. PS. Jimmie Johnson won there again. Cell Phone

Bid Bed in WI During our trip through Wisconsin we drove right past Papa Bears Northwood Store and would have missed this Big Bed. Lucky for us we stopped at Mark's Market, an open air vegetable market down the road. We grabbed a couple of Big Fruits and Vegetables and when talking with Mark he asked if we got the Big Bed. "You can't miss it," he said. We we had and backtracked to get this image. By the way, Papa Bears looked like a nice store. Stop in if you have the chance, south of the Wisconsin Dells on US-12 in Baraboo. Thanks for the tip, Mark.

Another shot taken at M. Schettl Sales outside Oshkosh. I have one image on Holiday but lots on Animals. I can't imagine how Mel acquired all these items but I'm glad he did. It made for a good find. Motorcycle

Grandfather Clock On the 2009 Wisconsin trip we stopped and grabbed this shot of the "World's Tallest Grandfather clock. The address was a little confusing to the GPS on my Blackberry and we had to backtrack a bit. The clock was in front of Geppetto's Top of the Hill Shop. Not sure they were in business or not, a little uncared for appearance though there were vehicles around. One extra benefit was the town of Pilsen was right down the road (9 miles or so) and being a 100% Czech I just had to have my photo taken with the town sign. Not much there, a dozen house, a church and auto repair shop. No bar? I thought that was strange.

The old lady that lived in a shoe could have lived here. However the Haines Shoe House was built by Col. Mahlon Haines, a big self promoter who had a string of shoe stores, go figure. Anyway we now enjoy his self-indulgence with this 25 ft high shoe house located coincidently on Shoe House Rd., off US Rte 30 in Hellam, PA., just East of historic York. Old Ladies Shoe

Menora in LA The Disney Center in Los Angeles, where the LA Symphony plays, celebrates the Holiday season. This menora was in the foyer for the Center. Of course I had to get my photo taken. Julia was working for the LA Phil when we were there for Christmas. There is a self-guided tour of the Disney Center which we enjoyed, well worth the price ($ free) and then Julia was able to get us backstage during a rehersal.

The car washes in Southwest Indiana have a lot of Big Thigs. These boots were out in front of one of the car washes in Vincennes. I probably could have spent more time there since, it seems, there may be a competition between car washes to see who can have the most, or better, Big Things. Car Wash Boot

China Bag This ia a planned shot for our trip to South Indiana. These feed storage bins shows that a sense of humor exists everywhere. This was not an easy image to capture and Hats Off to Debbie for her ability to climb through ditchs and up embankments in pursuit of the perfect image.

Andy and I were playing golf at a course near his North Wales, Pennsylvania place and wandered into the club house. When lo and behold, there was a Big Goff Ball. I just needed to get my photo taken and all I had was by Razor phone. Maybe not the best quality but you have to learn to sacrifice to get the shot when it presents itself. Pro Shop Golf Ball

China Bag I wa in Red China to visit some vendors and also went to a customers China sourcing office. As we entered the lobby of their building there was this large bag. I proceeded to get my photo taken, and just in time I might say, since shortly after this image was captured the building guard came running to tell me that we could not take a photo like this. Go figure, what's the harm?

Deb and I were on our way home after a real nice stay in Louisville where we went for our anniversary. We stayed at a hotel downtown in a suite with a tremondous view of the Ohio River. There are other images from this trip on the site. This was taken at a lumberyard in Ohio. Not exactly easy to find but when you are after Big Things you have to go after them. Don't wait for them to come to you, or oyou are in for disappointment. Scale in Lumberyard

Hong Kong Hat Here is the 3rd hat in the public square. I think we were on the way back from the Tailors where I was having a suit made. I never had a custom made suit, what an intereting experience. I also had 3 shirt custom tailored. I would do this again in a Hong Kong second.

Hong Kong Hat I was in Hong Kong staying at the Hotel Nikko, which was very nice. Good rooms, good location and a very pleassant experience. I was traveling with Milan who took these photos. We had to take these pretty late so the quality is not so great, one of the problems with for. World's Largest Rocking Chair

Sundial Leg Here's an intriguing image, not so much as to look at as to get. Seems like this Big Leg is part of a sundial at the Sun Aura Resort, which just happens to be a "Clothing Optional" resort -- and you know what that means. Well, I've been taking these photos for a long time and I wasn't going to be deterred from achieving my objective! (ps. if sun worship is your thing, Sun Aura as well as the Ponderosa Sun Club are about 3 miles west of I-65 off exit 230 in Indiana.) Can you believe it -- 2 nudist camps in Indiana? They must be coming down from Chicago.

Deb and I were on our way to see the Dalai Lama -- I needed to get my karma adjusted. We made a small side trip to get this chair, which I've been after for a while. It's in the Guinness Book and can be found on US-31 outside Long's Furniture in Amnity. The Dalai Lama was in Bloomington at Indiana University and this chair, while not on the way was close enough. By the way, we stopped for breakfast at Don and Dona's restaurant in downtown Franklin. Highly recommended! Friendly folks and great food. World's Largest Rocking Chair

Chest This 2 story chest of drawers makes up a rare two-fer. I wanted a photo of the World's Largest Rocking Chair, seen above, when "quell surprise," we got to Long's Furniture and found this beauty. I would usually stop in the store and drop off a "Jim's Big Things" business card and let the owner know that I took a photo there but we were short on time and I didn't want to keep the Dalai waiting.

Deb and I were on our way home on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and thought we would drop on and go down to Chambersburg for lunch. We took I-81 South and were cruising along when Debbie exclaimed, "look at that!" Certainly the largest paint can I've ever seen. Of course we had to travel another 4 miles before we could exit. We trekked back on secondary roads and finally found this big can of paint outside The Door Shop. Big Friggin' Can of Paint

Candle On Interstate 70 just as you pass into Indiana from Ohio is Warm Glow Candles. And or course what better way to advertise their business than this Large Candle. It looks to have grown from a small family business into a nice size business. If you like candles and knick knocks Warm Glow is your type of place.

Here's another I've found in the archieves from the trip to New Jersey last Christmas. Ben, my son, Bird Dogged this one for me. He was having lunch at the Telford Inn, in Mantua, NJ and when he walked out afterward he spotted this big tree tooth in front of a dentists office. There are many old inn's in New Jersey and most have pretty good food, but they don't all have a tooth like this one. Wooden Tooth

CVS Sunblock On our way to get a photo of the Hershey's Kissmobile we stopped at the CVS store where Debbie, the ever vigilant Bird Dog, had spotted this larger than life bottle of Sunblock. It was sitting right on the front counter so I asked the checkout gal if I could take my picture with it. She gave me a strange look (not a new experience in this pursuit) but I showed her a couple of photos from my travel book and then she said "go ahead."

Working again, this time at the Global Sourcing Electronics Fair in Hong Kong. Folks after my own heart, putting Big Things in their booth. Of course I had to stop and get my photo shot with these Big AA cells. Batteries

Kokomo Chair Lot's of folks told me about this chair and it took some time to go up and get it. On US-31, north of Kokomo is Grissom Air Force base. And just north of the base sits this Big Rocking Chair out in a field. If you go west on the road that forms the intersection you will find a farm that buys Black Walnuts. I stopped and chatted with the folks there, quite interesting. (I lost my notes or I would tell you the name of the farm.)

It's almost embarassing to say this, but Indiana went on Daylight Savings Time last year, at least most of the counties. Some counties go on Central Daylight Time while some stay on Central Standard time (which as you know is the same as EDT). As a result you have to pay attention to the time in summer now. Boston Market had a promotion on the inaugural Sunday last year and gave away food or some such thing. I went to get a photo of this clock. Saving Daylight

Oscar's Shoe This shoe is dedicated to Oscar Robinson, Mr Basketball. He grew up in Indianapolis and is a pretty wonderful guy. A 12 time All Star, 11 time member of the All NBA team and season MVP winner. In respect the US Basketball Writers Association named their annual trophy for best College Player after him Oscar Robinson is a man to be respected. After basketball he returned to Insdianapolis and worked for the the African-American community. If you want to know more about him "click here,"

Here I am outside the Indianapolis Repretory Theater, maybe you could tell from the William Shakespeare painting on the shoe. I have a friend, Nan, who is very involved with the IRT, maybe you'll run into her down there some day. These four shoes ware taken during the NCAA Final Four Tournament here in Indy last year. Businesses and organizations around the city sponsored these shoes. Bill's Shoe

Another Shoe This is the third of the 4 Final Four shoes. I don't recall who sponsored this shoe, so I don't know what to say. Maybe it's an orthopedist, who else deals with bones in the foot. What do you think, any guesses? Let me know.

"Your in Good Hands with Allstate." Big deal. So, have you had enough with the shoes already. I know I have. Yet Another Shoe

Big Ten Shoe This shoe was made for the Big 10 Championship here in Indianapolis last year. Pretty darn big shoe out in front of Conseco Fieldhouse. A little farther down this page is an image of me and a Big Basketball inside the building.

Last summer (2006) when we went out to South Jersey for Sally's wedding. We visited with family and friends. Ben was excited to take us to Wegman's, a very upscale grocery store. If you haven't been to one you should given the opportunity. It's a great grocery and more. Anyway, on the mezzanine were these BIG pieces of silverware. Wegmans

Sears Toolbox This image and the next 3 are some older images that I just found. This image and the next were taken at the Sears HQ in Hoffman Estates, IL. We were there to meet with the buyer when we saw these advertising props set up in the lobby. Natch I had to get my photo taken but I only had an old film camera with me. After taking this photo Jai looked at the back of the camera and wondered where the image was. Like she had never seen a film camera before, right!

Here is the other image, excuse me, photo taken by Jai in the Sears lobby. This is another instance of a "twofer," (two objects in close proximity taken at the same time, for the uninitiated) not exactly real rare but uncommon nonetheless. Mixer

Minwa Offices HK When Ernie, Jack and I went to visit a vendor in their Hong Kong office overlooking the harbor I spotted this oversize battery charger. Jack snapped this image with his new camera, the one he bought as a closeout at WalMart, not in Hong Kong. Camera prices are not that good there.

On the way to Hong Kong where I got the charger above we changed planes in Minneapolis with enough time to go over to the Mall of America. We visited the Bose store in the Mall and found this big remote control. The fellows in the store were good enough to let us take a picture. Steve Class Ring

iPod Skins One of the benefits of my job is I had some input into our display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. Of course, I recommended we have a BIG iPod package! So we did it and here's the result. Pretty cool, and it worked out well as part of the display too..

Gibson Guitar Right Of course I'm not the only one that thinks that Bigger is Better, Gibson Guitar obvoiously thinks so too. Flanking the entrance to their tent at CES they had two Big Guitars. While Steve was taking these pictures I heard a voice call out, "Hey, no Big Pictures here." It was Dick Valente coming to meet one of his customers. Gibson Guitar Left

Jigsaw Puzzle Ben and Annie spotted a lot of Big Things at Cherry Hill Mall last Christmas and told me we had to go there! Since sent Ben an LCD telephone instead of the wrench set I ordered, I needed to make a trip to the mall anyway so I was able to get this image. Unfortunately, even though I wrote a pretty good letter, I still haven't received a response yet from Sears. Let that be a lesson.

This was on the field at the RCA Dome for fan day. We were able to walk around the stadium, look at available seats. Of course, as of Jan 27th, the Colts are in the Superbowl, so it is about ime to get this image on the site. Colt helmet

Steve Allford Shoe It seems that everyone in Indiana knows who Steve Allford is, a former star IU, Indiana University basketball star. Here's his big shoe. At any rate he has a motel in New Castle, Indiana. The lobby is a basketball museum, if you get the chance stop in.

I get a lot of calls from people I know saying, "Hey, you have to get to..." and then tell me about a Big Thing Sighting. This time it was Debbie at Fishers High School, the new school in the Hamilton Southeastern system. I left work an rushed over. We had to move some of the Herff-Jones set-up, they were very helpful as a matter of fact. Nothing like an unexpected find. Steve Class Ring

Potting Soil I was in Northwest Arkansas doing some retail audits when I say this big bag of potting soil. Naturally I had to get a photo, but no camera with me. Had to buy a disposable camera to get this.

We saw this giant basketball a long time ago on our "Explore Indy trip in January of 2002. Everyone on the bus that saw this got exicited. Unfortunately it took a while to get down to Conseco Fieldhouse for this photo for a while. Pacers Bball

Blue Jeans A while ago these Jeans were on the side of a building on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis. They are not there any longer which just goes to prove that you need to "seize the moment," "strike when the iron is hot," "waste not, want not," or some other such old saying.

As long as we are dealing with clothing there also was this pair of shoes on the same building so I could double up with my photos. Gym Shoe

Sponge Girls I ran into these two very friendly young women outside the WalMart Grand opening. I lost their names but they were really nice to pose for a photo with me. I did give the a Jim's Big Things business card so maybe they can message me and I can add their names to this page.

Driving into Lowell Arkansas on the way to the canning factory my newest Bird Dog (Mike B) spotted this chair at a spot that I'd driven past many times in the past. He shouted "Hey, there's a BIG CHAIR." I immediately turned into a service station to get around to get this chair. Lowell Chair

WalMart Credit Card I don't suggest you go into debt but this inflatable credit card is a one of a kind. I'm glad I had the opportunity to get this image. I feel that I need to caution you on usage of any credit card. Only charge what you can expect to pay off in the short term. Do not extend your debt beyond your means.

Sometimes you turn a normal person into a super Bird Dog. Once again, Mike B spotted this large mailbox flower on the side of the road in front of Mae's Flowers (get it, I didn't until about 10 minutes ago. OK, I'm a slow learner.) At any rate this flower deserves a place in the large mailbox collection along with the Big Golf Balls and the Big Fish (usually Large Mouth Bass.) Mae's Flowers

Bowling Pin 1 There's a bowling alley in Indianapolis at I-465 at the first exit West of I70. There's 80 lanes of bowling and a couple of huge bowling pins. Here they are! Bowling Pin 2

Driving West on I-70 Debbie spotted this bowling pin quite a ways off the highway. We had to circle back and get this image at "The Bowler" in La Vale, Maryland at Exit 40 on I-68. Actually at Winchester Road and Route 40. We didn't stop for the pizza or subs but it sounded pretty good to me. Bowling Pin

Headquarters Here is the headquarters of Longaberger Baskets. What an enterprise, 7 stories high. I'm standing on Rt. 16 (the Woody English Parkway) just West of Hanover, Ohio and the building is in the background. I don't know if this really qualifies as a Big thing but it could.

When we were at the Longaberger headquarters they have several Big Things on the grounds. These bigh ceramic pitchers were outside the gift shop and a short bus trip from the parking lot. Ewers

Basket On our way back from Maryland we stopped in Dresden Ohio so Debbie could do a little shopping. There was a Hot Rod show on Main Street but I didn't see a '57 Plymouth which was my first car. This basket was at Main and 7th Street.

I think this is a classic Big Thing! Bigger than life, serving no useful purpose, and waiting for me to take it's image. This apple basket is 20 feet tall and filled with fake apples. Apple Basket

Now this is a Golf Ball! Here I am outside AA Pro Shop located in the Mastodon Mall on Ohio 79 a few miles South of Newark Ohio and 4.5 miles North of I-70. Thanks once again to Julia for spotting this one.

While not the largest "Big Thing" on this site by far, this teed up golf ball is a worthy addition. Debbie and I were on a "Big Thing Trek" when we saw this Golf Ball on SR13 just south of I-69 in Indiana. The mailbox is for a house across from the Gravel Lawn Cemetary. Golf Ball

Water Can Down in Staughton, VA at intersection of US-11 and US-250 is this watering can. I found this myself when looking through the travel section of the Sunday paper. You never know where or when you will find big things.

These pots make up a two-fer along with the watering can above. I didn't expect to find these pots but they were on the other side of the C&O viaduct. These images were taken October 13, 2001. As you can see, unity in our country is everywhere. Flower Pots

Mattress Pulling out of the Kmart lot and turning right both Ben and I let out a cheer of excitement when we saw this unexpected inflatable infront of the Mattress Warehouse store on Route 33 in Harrisonburg.

I noted these chairs outside another branch of Surfside Casual in Somers Point, NJ last summer. Never made it back until this Spring. I got 'em and I'm glad. They bear an amazing similiarity to the two chairs just below on the way to Long Beach Island. 2 Chairs

Surge Here is a work related Big Thing. We had this built for the Consumer Electronics Show when we introduced our line of surge suppressors. This baby could probably take some big hits.

Went down to the protests on Sunday afternoon before the Republican Convention. Probably the last place that I would have imagined a Big Thing. I figured some big promises from the Republicans but not this. A great day in the sun and everything was peaceful. Liberty

Tape Wow! Talk about close to home! Here's a Big Videotape! My company is not anti-Big Things as evidenced by this oversize video tape. Sometimes I wonder how I miss things so close to home.

Hey Romeo, here's to my Italian bird dog. He gave me info on these chairs, this one and the next, a while ago. I just never made it to LBI. Now I'm glad I did. Cool chair. Wicker

Chair 5 The wicker chair above and this one were both in front of Surfside Casual Furniture on Rt. 72 just east of US-9. Could be easy to miss if you weren't looking for them.

This is a Big Clay Pot (actually a Big Plastic Pot) that I got on US-322/US-1 near Concordville, PA. Since we took this image I have seen a lot of these big pots around laying on their sides with flowers or some such thing growing out of them. A cornucopia of plants. Pot

Baskets Here I am in Dresden, Ohio at the Longaberger Factory. Big baskets all around. You can take a factory tour, make your own basket, it's quite the place. They even have bus tours here for the fanatical amongst us. I'm not the fan in my house but I appreciate the operation from a business standpoint. What a money-maker!

This may one of the sorriest of inflatables that I have ever seen. Dirty, underinflated, what a mess. The only good thing is that it is new to this page. Soon I will move it to the bottom of the page where it belongs. Pot

Trowel On our way to drop Andy off at college last summer I was looking for a pair of Big Boots that I could have sworn was on US-31 north of Indianapolis. Well I didn't find the boots but check out this trowel. Of course it was in a garden center.

Lookin' pretty good outside Skippers. I would guess they had seafood as a speciality. Notice the dress, I was working (ha, ha!). I've been back but neither Skippers nor the anchor is no longer there. Things may be Big but that does not mean they are permanent. Skippers

cross In Indian River, Michigan you can find this inspiring site. Services are held outside here weather permitting. I knew about this Big Cross for a long time but didn't realize how I would impact me.

People from Philadelphia are familiar with this Big Clothes Pin since it located across from City Hall at Broad and Market. My sister Irene took the image with great aplomb. Afterward we had lunch at Cafe Warsaw and had elegant Polish food. (No kidding, it's a great place.) Clothes Pin

Swatch The Swatch Shop in The Fashion Show Mall, an upscale shopping center, on "The Strip" in Las Vegas. We were on our way to eat lunch at the Dive Shop located right outside the mall. I liked eating there and will probably go back next time I'm sent to Las Vegas. I don't understand the people that go there willingly.

A pretty good quality Big Chair. It's not always outside, note the casters on the bottom of the legs. I got this image courtesy of my Bird Dog Jan. She has a pretty good sense of humor even though she she works in HR. (That might be a mistake, poking fun at HR, but we (me) Big Picture Takers live close to the edge.) Chair

US40 Chair See, another Bird Dog shot thanks to Sue. On US-40 between Malaga and Elmer. This was a last chance shot since the furniture store where this chair was located was closing soon. Sue told me about this chair but I put it off until I heard the store was closing. Kind of feel like Lily Tomlin.

OK, enough already, Beam me up

Newest photos placed here January 26, 2014.