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"Big People"

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Golaith probably set the standard for "Big Guys." And look what happened to him. Why is it that we all like representations of these larger than life things. I know I do, and if you are spending any time here you must have at least a passing interest. Let me know if you want to be a birddog for me, I can always use help finding more of these objects. If you want to see the Big Things already reported go to my "Bird Dog Tips" page.

Blue Crew Colt There's a great Indianapolis Colt fan that wanted to include everyone in his vision so he opened this sports bar. He started the Blue Crew grill a few years ago. As you probably guessed, it has a Colts theme. I drive by the joint pretty often, sometimes there is a Colts Blue Fire Hook and Ladder, sometimes other things. This time was this Big colt inflatable. I don't know how many inflatable Colts there are but I've got several.

We drive Keystone Avenue often, both on the way south into Indianapolis, as well as north to the Carmel business district. We were driving down Keystone to get to downtown Indy and spotted this big inflatable race car driver out front of a used car dealership across from the WalMart. We didn't have time to stop then and hoped it would still be there in the next couple of days. Sunday morning we drove past and stopped to get this image. There were a couple tire kickers in the lot wondering what was going on. Indy Racer

Superman Deb teaches at Fishers High School in Fishers, Indiana. They were holding their Dance-a-thon to benefit Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Chris Edwards, who teaches with Deb was instrumental in getting Riley named as the beneficiary of the fundraiser. Last year, his son Ben was diagnosed with cancer and it was through the efforts of the Riley staff that Ben is now a cancer-free, happy, 3 year old and celebrating his health with big brother Blake. Anyway, at the dance-a-thon there were many activities, including these two big blowup slides. Incredible

Master Yoo's We were at the Freedom Festival July 4th event in Fishers, Indiana and ran across Master Yoo's booth. This Big Inflatable caught my eye. I tried my best but I don't think I have a future in Tae Kwon Do. I would like to get one of these costumes/robes or whatever you call it.

Ben and I were on our way to the Apple Store on Rte 73 in Marlton, NJ. When we pulled into the shopping center we spotted these Nutcrackers guarding the entrance. Had to stop and grab this image. Entrancee Guards

Big Colt Living in Indianapolis, it becomes almost obligatory to have Colt inflatables at most events. The one on the left was also at the Freedom Festival in Fishers. Later that year Fishers Football was playing at Lucas Oil Field ("The Luke") and our way out of the suite this Big Colt was hanging around. Big Colt

Bob's Big Boy During our visit to Cincinnati we were on our way to Jumgle Jim's International Market (if you haven't been there, go!) The chief photographer spotted this Big boy dressed up for Halloween and we circled back to grab this image.

There are so many people that have fun with their business. In this case it is Jacobs Mechanical on Hopple St. in Cincinnati. They must be in heating and cooling, thus the Big Duct Man. One warning, Hopple Street is pretty dangerous to cross, traffic moves fast and there are hills and curves that hides traffic until it is on top of you. No standing in the street to get this image, the Chief Photographer actually had to go to the end of the block to cross with the light. Duct Man

Genie A Big Genie greets visitors to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. I wonder where this Big Beauty stood before relocating to Cincinnati. Anyway, he is one of several Big Things outside the museum. We were in Cincinnati for Fall Break from school (actually 1 day, big deal) planning to have some chili and visit the Underground History Museum. In my opinion the museum was much better than the chili. Sorry Cincinnati.

After eating lunch at a Gold Star Chili restaurant we followed Vine down to Motor Time Auto Sales hoping to get an image of this Big Indian (Native American, First People) Sign out front. Unfortunately it wan't a great shot due to the scaffolding. However on the bright side, at least some care is being taken for his well being. First Person

OC Pirate This was a great surprise. One morning when we traveled up from Ocean City, Maryland we stopped in Bethany Beach to walk around. Bethany looks like a real nice place to spend some time, stop by if you get in the area. On the way out of town we took some side streets and spotted this Big Skelton Pirate at, you guessed it, a minature golf course.

This is a really cool Muffler Man in a Pirate form. When we were in Ocean City, Maryland we drove past a couple times before really spotting him at the Jolly Roger Amusement parton the Coastal Highway. One morning we stopped by to get this image, the place was vacant, we took this image and one Big Aminal image before realizing that the park wasn't open for the day. I guess we could have wandered around but we didn't feel comfortable doing that. OC Pirate

Neglected Pirate This was a planned capture during our Spring Break trip to the Smokies in Tennessee. It's located on Veterans Parkway, on the first block east of Rt. 441 in Pigeon Forge. If you continue on this street you will end up in Dollywood. This poor guy still stands in front of a closed minature golf course and needs some help, maybe I'll set up a "Big Things Rescue Program" for guys like this. I think with a little love he could be a treasure. What do you think?

Also in Pigeon Forge is The Hollywood Wax Museum, currently under construction but looks to open soon. Despite the construction we were able to get this image. We guessed the profiles were John Wayne, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin. Do you agree? There appears to be more Big Things to come on this site.

I later received the following e-mail from a finishing artist on this project, this is what he has to say.


I helped as the finishing artist on this 'Mt Rushmore' at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge. It's unique as it was computer sculpted in Styrofoam and then hard coated with 2 unique hard coats. One is a wall spray 'concrete'. The other is my own invention: Flex-a-Rock... A flexible cement-like sculpting paste. Flex-a-Rock is the only material that can make a faux brick or stone wall on canvas or Tyvek and be shipped rolled up like a poster. It will, I believe, change the way textures and decorative surfaces will be applied in theme parks, zoos and as faux finishes.

Sincerely, John Votel

Celebrity Rushmore

Chief Pontiac If you only visit the Smokies once, be sure to leave a day to visit the Biltmore in Asheville. It's the largest personal residence in the US. Quite a place. However I was more intesested in getting some Big Pictures. Here is Chief Pontiac who stands in front of Harry's Cadillac-GMC located at the corner of Patton and Florida behnd the Sav-mor. They used to sell Pontiac brand cars there until GM discontinued the line. Maybe he should be called Chief GMC?

In front of Clyde A. Erwin High School you can see Chief Willy. The sports teams are nicknamed the Warriors and I suspect the Chief is their mascot. (BTW, Clyde A. Erwin was the North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1934 to 1952.) If you look closely you can see that I am holding an umbrella, it was raining pretty good, but that's OK, all part of the Big Thing experience. The rain held off all day while we were at Biltmore. It rained for the next 90 minutes until we got back to the cabin in Gatlinburg. Good timing! Chief Willy

Peoria Uniroyal Gal Last Big Person on the last leg of the out-West trip yielded this version of the Big Muffler Gal. She stands on SW Washington Street in Peoria. The only other Muffler Gal I have stands in Hilltop, NJ and is one of the first photos I have. She was updated when I last visited her and she changed from a Jackie O look to a Wonder Woman. This gal has nothing to hide!

Mills Fleet Farm Stores is a chain of general merchandise stores in the upper mid-West. While they have a broad range of products, of course their focus is on products that appeal to small town, rural farmer-types. In Albert Lea, Minnesota (pop. 18,356) the Mills Farm Fleet store has this guy standing out front. Locally they call him Pitchfork Pete. He looks happy enough. Pitchfork Pete

Jolly Green Giant We were making the run home from the sights in South Dakota but decided to take time to slip off I-90 for a quick stop in Blue Earth, Minnesota, location of this 55ft. Jolly Green Giant. It was worth the trip since it is REALLY BIG!

This statue is Johnny One Feather, immortalized as an immense advertising symbol. Used to draw attention to the the pan-for-gold attraction behind his statue. I didn't go in to try my luck panning for gold, seemed like a tourist trap, where they salt the stream and gravel with some gold. Maybe I'm just too cynical. By the way he is located right next to the big Muffler Man just below. You can park in one spot and visit both. Johnny One Feather

Rapid City Muff Man I found a lot of Big Things in Rapid City. Maybe it's the proximity to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Maybe it's the long cold winters, remember there are lots of Big Things in Minnesota too. Anyway we drove past this guy on a couple of trips and didn't see him until we were looking for him. Funny how that works!

Tires, Tires, Tires walks the walk and talks the talk. Outside their store on East Omaha Street in Rapid City, SD stands this tireman. Just the statement needed from a store that sells tires exclusively. There is another big tire man in Sioux City that I know about but it is not nearly as colorful or well mannered as this example. Tire Man

Sturgis Muffler Man If you don't already know it, Sturgis, SD is the home to the largest biker rally in the US. Fortunatly we were there about 10 days before the big gathering. The town is overwhelmed with bikers making the trek to their mecca. The Full Throttle Saloon bills itself as the "World's Largest Biker Bar." To add to the ambiance they have this Muffler Man out front. He must appeal to the clientel since he's holding a cigar and mug of beer. I wonder if there are any DUI's issued. What do you think?

While it appears that Presidents Park is closed (see below) these three Big Busts are located in the area on SD-79 south of Rapid City in front of the Rockin' R Saloon & Steakhouse which is in Hermosa, SD. I call this The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. I'll let you decide which is which. Click on the image to the right to see all three. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Honest Abe Just north of Lewie's Saloon & Eatery on US-85 south of Lead, South Dakota (see Big Bear holding a fish in the Big Animals section) we happened upon Presidents Park. It's closed now but would be a mecca for Big Presidential Busts. This big bust of Honest Abe stands outside the park to lure tourists into the park.

After stopping at Fort Laramie in Wyoming and seeing Chimney Rock and Scott's Bluff in Nebraska we were driving south on I-25 to get to Rocky Mountain National Park. This cowboy was on the northbound side of the interstate but fortunately the exits were only about a mile apart. A quick turn around allowed me to get this cowboy on the grounds of Bob Ruwart Motors in Wheatland, Wyoming. Take exit 80 off I-29. Bob sells everything, Chevy, GMC, Buick as well as Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. Inflatable Cowboy

Fort Cody Native American Here's a bit of serrendipidy -- we stopped for the night in Fort Platte, Nebraska and before dinner stopped for some reason at the Fort Cody Trading Post near our motel. Surprisingly it was more than a "cheap gift shop," in addition to the expected shot glasses, keychains, stuffed animals they have a Buffalo Bill Wild West Minature Show that is fascinating. The show, made by Ernie and Virginia Palmquist, took 12 years to carve and contains over 20,000 hand carved pieces....many animated! At any rate while browsing I noted a framed Smithsonian magazine with a Native American Muffler Man featured. When I asked where this big fellow was I was told he was right out back! Thanks all at the Fort Cody Trading Post, you made my day.

Unplanned and kind of in the proverbial "middle of nowhere." At least somewhere I have not planned on visiting. We were driving across Nebraska on US-20 from Souix City, Iowa to Valentine, Nebraska. If you have never driven here I would urge you to make the trip. You drive through the eastern part of the Sand Hills of Nebraska. The Sand Hills is a region of mixed-grass prairie on grass-stabilized sand dunes in north-central Nebraska, covering just over one quarter of the state. (Thanks Wikipedia for this description). Anyway we stayed the night in Valentine, NE. A very friendly town, lot's of authentic cowboys and close to Smith Falls, the tallest waterfall in Nebraska located on a small stream tributary to the Niobrara River. The state park there is very nice and was underused when we visited. Steel Man

Cocoa Flea Market Monster Next to the Cocoa Flea Market in Port St. John, Florida is this Monster advertising Redfish Charlie's Bayou Grill and Tiki Bar. Looked to be a pretty laid back bar. With a slogan like "It's OK by Me, If it's OK Bayou" who could not have a good time. Especially if you ride a motorcycle. They have a big BIKERS WELCOME sign as well. I didn't have my colors with me or I might have stopped in.

I lived in South Jersey for 13 years and never saw this Muffler Man or was tipped to him by my vast network of Bird Dogs. I don't know where he came from or how I could have missed him. We did get this photo last year when we were visiting Ben and Annie. First I thought it was a Muffler Man that was moved from down the White Horse Pike (US-30) from another tire dealer in Berlin, but it's not. I wish I had gone into the shop and asked how long he's been there, maybe I will next time I'm out there. New Jersey Muffler Man

Giant Farmer Fred & Clyde Meet Fred the Giant Farmer and his sidekick Clyde. They stand in advertisement of the Sappington Farmers Market on Watson Road in St. Louis. We were visiting my sister and brother-in-law for Thanksgiving and decided to take some time for a Big Things hunt.

Antiques Mart Muffler Man Get this! At the "Pink Elephant Antiques Mart" in Livingston, IL (see Big Animals for the elephant) you can find the Bearded Lumberjack Muffler Man (left) inside and the Big Beachboy (right) outside. Somehow I think they got this backwards, the bathing suit boy should be inside and the lumberjack outside. After all it is cold in Illinois in winter. BTW, I have another Big Beach Boy below that I found more appropriately in a Water Park on the Jersey shore. Beach boy

I found this Lumberjack Muffler Man outside the Palmer ACE Hardware store on Lowell Street in Elkhart, Indiana. We tracked him down on our way back from a quick visit to Saugatuck, MI for Fall Break. Late October and kind of mixed weather but nice to get away nonetheless. ACE Muffler Man

Toto Native American There are any number of this type of "Lumberjack Muffler Men" around the country. Scroll down and you can see those that I've found. We spotted this guy in Lima, Ohio at 1501 Findlay Rd. He stands on top of Derringer's Small Engine Repair. They must do pretty oood work since they've been around since 1951.

Meet Big Jim. Jim was constructed by the Artist/Welder James Krutz Sr. in 1978. Big Jim now stands in "Gosair Park" which is the little lawn in front of Dr. Jamlesh Gosai's Best Western Garden Inn in Bentleyville, PA. I may call my front lawn "Hejl Park." Meet Big Jim

Toto Native American It was really bugging me since I knew I had this image somewhere but not where I was looking - finally I found it. I liked this big guy a lot. He is in front of Richard's Store next to the Toto Cafe in downtown Toto, Indiana. The Cafe looks like a great place to eat. Lot's of people going in and out. It wasn't lunch time yet, more like a late breakfast since Toto is in the Central Time Zone.

Outside the Ice House Tavern in New Castle, Indiana you can find this jockey, or at least I think he is a jockey. Not a muffler man for sure, check out the hands. He kind of like a large driveway jockey without the red jacket. Ice House Jockey

Orchard Indian On the way to Springfield, Illinois we stopped at Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in Champaign, Illinois. They're open from July thru mid-December. You can pick your own apples and pumpkins here. They have 29 varieties of apples available to pick as well as events for the entire family. Oh, by the way they have this copper Indian Chief Kesis, of the Kickapoo tribe of eastern Illinois.

Even this photo doesn't give you a sense of how hard it was raining on this Thursday afternoon when we were after this Paul Bunyan Muffler Man outside the Lauterbach Tire Shop on Wabash Ave. in Springfield. It's a very busy street and took some time to get across the street. Meanwhile I was getting pretty wet - what I don't do for this hobby! Muffler Man

Spartan We were in springfield, Illinois visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. It is the 200th Anniversary of Lincoln's birth in 1809. After lunch at the Cozy Inn restaurant - "Home of the Hot Dog on a Stick" we went over to Southeast High School to get this shot of their Spartan mascot. It was raining pretty hard - Debbie stayed in the car to get this shot.

A planned shot. We traveled high and low to get this shot. I think one of the faults with GPS is that you don't necessarily take the route that you would if you looked at a map. On the other hand the GPS takes you on a route that you would not usually take and you see a little country. If you're in a hurry use a map. In this case the address I was seeking was the middle of a field We continued down the road a little and in the GP station we found this Big guy. BP Farmer

Dells Lumberjack A Family Traditon since 1958 it says on the sign out front. It should say "More than you can eat." The Paul Bunyan Cook Shack in the Wisconsin Dells is crowded, serves lots of food and is perfect for families. Not for me. Like Cracker Barrel you have to walk through a gift shop to eat. Go there if that appeals to you. At least they didn't have the rocking chairs on the porch in front. Did I make myself clear that I didn't like this place, except for the Big Guy!

This was an unplanned opportunity. The Adams Flea Market has this big guy right out in front, next to the railroad tracks. I think I took some wear off the brakes stopping to get this image. . Canman?

Wi Muffler Man On the road to the Oshkosh Correctional Institution we spotted this traditonal Muffler Man in front of Fasco Appliances. I don't understand why he is there and the owner was not in when we stopped by. It was late, nearly 5pm. We were behind schedule after spending so much time at Mel Schellt's and were getting anxious to move on to the Dells.

A Wisconsin bonanza. Mel Schettl Sales in Oshkosh. I was able to get images to fit every category except for Automotive. There were Big Things inside the Flea Market and outside in Mel's Garden. Overwhelming to say the least. You can see the zebra and giraffe in the background. I'm sorry that Mel wasn't there when we stopped by. Atlas

#92 This is not a true Big Picture. After living in Philadelphia and seeing the impact Reggie White had there. And then taking his love to Green Bay, Reggie was bigger than life. Maybe too sentimental, but afterall this is my web page and I control the content. Reggie White was a gift, both on the field and off. He deserves recogition!. Thanks Green Bay. Reggie

Green Bay Packer Our trip through Wisconsin started in Door County. After spending the night in Ephriam we drove down the next day to Green Bay. We had to get a Green Bay packer, this one was in front of\ the Titletown Brewing Company. What an appropriate name, the Packers won 12 League and 9 NFL championships as well as 3 Super Bowls. Reminds me of my Detroit Red Wings playing in Hockeytown. Excuse the umbrella, it was raining.

A side trip landed us in York, Pennsylvania which was the seat of the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War, while the British were busy occupying Philadelphia. The Articles of Confederation were drafted there. In addition the Conway Cabal was hatched in York. If you're not familiar with this historical fact, Mifflin, Lee and others wanted to oust Washington as head of the Continental Army and replace him with Horatio Gates, the so-called hero of Saratoga. These breakouts are what happens when you are married to an historian. Strong Man

Bum Sleeping with MMan On our trip to LA at Christmas we went to the La Brea tar pits. I knew there was a Muffler Man nearby, When I found him, I was surprised to find someone sleeping nearby. California is great, the state is broke there is no money to house the homeless, the mentally ill are turned out, but at least the weather is nice enough that a soul like this can sleep at 11am outside without being hassled.

With the whole family together we decided to spend the day in San Diego. Annie and Ben, Julia and Deb went to the zoo. Andy and I went to the Midway aircraft carrier docked in the harbor. What an interesting experience. The Midway has quite a history. If you are in San Diego be sure to visit. Many of our young people spent time on this vessel. At the end of the tour Andy and I were looking South to a city park and noticed this very large sailor locked in an embrace. I don't know if he was leaving on a tour or coming back, but he seemed glad to see her. The image is not great since it was taken at dusk, you get the idea nonetheless. San Diego Kiss

CA M-Man This Muffler Man is out in Mentone California. A very interesting location with other items. There was a large chicken there as well. At any rate I have a description on the Animals page of the location. Here I want you to notice all the other elements in this photo. Check out the airplane in the backyard as well as the Evinrude outboards on the fence. Maybe he can waterski while sitting on his front porch.

I don't know how to explain the number of Big Things at car washes in Southwestern Indiana. You have to go to Vincennes! It seems like every car wash has Big Things. This little, actually Big if the elf legend has any truth to it, elf was around the back of a car wash. There were even more Big Things, note the buffalo in the background. Car Wash Elf

Archer I think I've already said it all in the previous entry and on the Big Animals page. This archer stood right out in front of another car wash in Vincennes. Now Vincennes is a pretty nice town, county seat and all, but what a joy to live around all these Big Things.

We were out in South Jersey this summer (2007) visiting our children and old friends. Several people including Chris Smith told us that the Big Uniroyal Gal that looked like Jackie O' had been redone to look like Wonder Woman. So naturally on our way down to the Township to meet our swim team pals at Wheilihan's for some beer and wings we stopped in Hilltop to see what changed. Compare this shot to the one at the very bottom of this page and you can see for yourself. Car Wash Sam

Woman This image dates from December, 2007. We were in Louisville celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Of course I have a photo of the big Louisville Slugger Bat (See Big Objects page) but on the way home we made a quick sidetrip to Jeffersonville, Indiana to grab this Big Lady metal sculpture just across the border in Indiana. She stands proudly nearby a lumber yard on Dutch Lane.

We were out in South Jersey this summer (2007) visiting our children and old friends. Several people including Chris Smith told us that the Big Uniroyal Gal that looked like Jackie O' had been redone to look like Wonder Woman. So naturally on our way down to the Township to meet our swim team pals at Wheilihan's for some beer and wings we stopped in Hilltop to see what changed. Compare this shot to the one at the very bottom of this page and you can see for yourself. Uniroyal Gal

Big Fan I haven't had the opportunity to experience a city with a team playing in the Superbowl, having grown up in Detroit (not a chance) and Philadelphia. Indianapolis was a lot of fun, a small-Big City and did they support the team. Outside lights on building changed to blue and at this car dealer a big guy. Debbie and I were driving on I-465 and spotted this guy. We had to circle back, I climbed over a fence and here's the result. Thanks Bill Estes Chevrolet for the team support.

A couple of years ago Debbie and I wandered into Big Ten "enemy" territory going to a Michigan at Indiana (IU) football game. What a great day. The IU fans were good losers. the Michigan fans, stuck in a corner of the end zone, but overflowing some, had a lot to cheer about. Unfortunately the IU band at half-time performed better than the football team. (I guess I might get some comments from rabid IU fans.) To give them credit, Michigan did go to the Rose Bowl that year. So did Debbie! IU Day

portland Here I am "working." This time in Portland. We, Jim and Brad were out seeing a customer and of course I had researched Big Things. I wanted to get this guy and he was BIG! Unfortunately there wasn't much space for Jim to take the photo without getting run down.

Here is another "found" image. This one taken at Groff's Nursery in Glassboro, New Jersey a few years ago. Judging by the decorations we must have been picking up some corn stalks to decorate for fall, what do you think?. NJ Strawman

Cookies Here I am "working" again - I like the sound of that and use it often. At any rate I was at a Grand Opening of a store and there were many vendors there with inflatables. More inflatables from this event are on the Automotive and Objects pages. Here is the Keebler guy, a Leprachan I guess.

Here is another Big thing in Springdale, Arkansas. It's on the main road from Rogers to Springdale outside what must be a spinach packaging plant. A buyer, Bob H had called and told me about this guy. Spinach Man

Lyons Co Here I am "working" again. Actually we finished early and had some extra time outside Denver and decided to drive up to Estes Park for lunch. After a great lunch at the Estes Park Brewery we headed back to the airport. While driving along Colorado 66 and near Lyons I spotted this giant in someones front yard. I went to ask for permission to enter the yard and met Steve, who, lo and behold, said that he had visited this website. "Sure," he said, I could take my photo. Thanks Steve, you have a great view of the Rockies from your yard.

Here is another Alfred E. Newman derivation Muffler Man near Flint Michigan. He is outside the Bargain Hunter Store on Atherton Rd just west of Dort Highway. He has a nice Hawaiian shirt but can't get around because he's fenced in. Thanks to Raodside America for the info. (GPS=N42.98950 W083.65542) Flint Half Wit

Big Boy I spent a lot of time cruising the Big Boy restaurants on 8 Mile Road as a teenager. Their strawberry pie was my favorite but the "Big Boy" hamburger was a Big Mac before we had Big Mac's, with it's own secret sauce and all. I had to include this home town favorite. (GPS=N42.98779 W084.54347)

This really BIG guy is a is not a Muffler Man, too big. He is pretty impressive standing outside the Timbers Lodge on the corner of Kilgore (SR32) and Tillotson across the street from the rail line. We didn't stop at the Lodge since it was only 10am. Thanks Steph!. Timbers Guy

Muncie Muffler Man This guy who looks like a Big Jockey to me was standing inside the Pam Reason's Auto Sales lot. The lot looked closed with few autos but if you want to see this guy it is at 305 W 26th Street at the corner of Elm. 1 block West of Madison.

On the way from Maryland to Indianapolis we stopped to get an image of a Big Gorilla that Julia spotted. Right next to it was this big Uncle Sam outside Rainbow Industries in Harmony, Ohio. By the way, there is a good vegetable stand right across the street. Uncle Sam

Muncie Muffler Man Julia spotted this big guy along side I-69 in Muncie, Indiana. It was early in the morning and I was surprised that she was awake. MacAllister Rental at Exit 41 has this guy watching the traffic go by. Muncie, by the way, is the home of Ball State University.

The Amish woman makes up part of an Amish couple standing in welcome outside a Holiday Inn in Lancaster, PA. If you didn't know it already, this is in the heart of Amish country. Shoo Fly pie anyone? Amish Woman

Amish Man This is the second half of the Lancaster Amish duo. We took these images after dropping Julia of at Millerburg College. She was starting an orientation session prior to leaving on an American Music Abroad program.

This inflatable Uncle Sam is the first of a very rare "triple." Driving into Michigan on July 3rd there is a pair of fireworks stores at Sterns Road (Exit 1) and US-23. This photo was taken at Star Fireworks. they must have great prices since they had a man directing traffic into the parking lot and a huge pile of empty fireworks boxes. Uncle Sam 1

Uncle Sam 2 Across US-23 on the west side of the road was the All American Fireworks store. The crowd wasn't quite as big but they were hustling some pretty good numbers here as well. This Uncle Sam stood watch over the entrance. Notice the "No Smoking" sign, Duh.

Now this is the Uncle Sam inflatable that caught Debbie's eye as we were driving up 23. Actually she was looking for a White Castle so we could get a fix, but spotted this guy up on his platform and decked out for the 4th of July. Uncle Sam 3

Indian 1 MSP Now I've been going to Minneapolis on a regular basis. At least once a month for the past 3 years. I had my eye on this Big Guy for a couple of years but never got the chance to grab the photo. Now I've got it. Outside the Thunderbird Motel off I-494.

This photo completed the "double up" with the photo just above. It was February, Minneapolis, and (need I say) COLD. Mark was quite the trooper however and trudged through the snow in his dress shoes to take this photo. Thanks a lot pal. Indian 2 MSP

pirate A new "Birddog," Dennis Wall, told me about this big guy. He stands at the entrance to a Jersey Shore restaurant named Two Mile Landing. It's on Ocean Drive south of Wildwood Crest.

A lot of luck is involved in getting the opportunity to get a good photograph. Parents Weekend 1998 at JMU and we were staying 25 miles from school. Our motel restaurant was packed so we figured to go to the next exit and eat there. Wham! A Big Picture opportunity. Debbie even had an apple in her handbag. Johnny

San Jose Unlike the Johnny Appleseed above, I knew this guy was in San Jose. So, when I had some business (ha, ha) there I went hunting for this muffler shop. This is a true Muffler Man. Check out the muffler.

I'll have to say that this is one of the more "interesting (at least to me) Big People." Certainly has big "attributes" that fit the category. Funny thing was that this was one of the harder photos to take because there were so many people attracted to this object. masthead

Havre de Grace Found this "Desert Storm" Big Man courtesy of Roadside America. Pass by Havre de Grace in Maryland quite often but never got off I-95 long enough to get this picture.

I was in search of some more Muffler Men in Seaside Heights, NJ and was parking the car when lo and behold here was Waterboy. Debbie talked us into the Water Works Waterpark on Ocean Side between Grant and Sherman (Longstreet was nowhere to be found) and we got this guy. Waterboy

Alfred 3 Here's another "Alfred" located on the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ. The nice folks working there allowed us to take a couple of photos while escorting us out because we were on the pier before opening time.

This is the other Muffler Man located in the Casino Pier Amusement Park. I couldn't get too close to him without dire consequences, but he's there nonetheless. Pier 1

Wacky Golf Still in Seaside Heights (a veritable gold mine of Big Pictures) at the Wacky Golf minature course, located upstairs on the boardwalk, is another Muffler Man with the head of Alfred E. Newman. This makes 4 that I have photos with.

A very nice young man allowed us onto the course without paying the greens fees to get this image of another Muffler Man. Barnacle Bill's

Cigar Smoker Here's a cool guy. Definitely someone to be reckoned with. Found him (remember the found art stuff) on the way to the shore with 6 women in the car (Lucky me?). At any rate since he is "substantial" the purists can be happy. He can be found on Rt 47 in S. Dennis in South Jersey

I think that when I found Mr. Zinn I realized what "found art" meant. We had stopped for breakfast here and were walking up to the diner when lo and behold a big picture opportunity! And this wasn't this first time we stopped as Zinn's either. Let that be a lesson to you. Zinn

Lumberjack Another "found art." Out to lunch with a customer, check out the clothes, I was working (ha, ha) and on the way to lunch when we found this lumberjack in Everett, WA. Next to the lumberjack was the seahawk found on the animals page.

A Paul Bunyon in Grayling, MI. There are lot's of Paul's spread out over the upper mid-West. I think he is made out of car parts. This was the first of many big pictures taken on my original "Big Picture" safari. To see the others taken on this trek, look for the hat! Paul1

Babe & Paul Paul & The Babe outside St. Ignace, MI. The only time I spent money to get a "Big Picture." It cost 50 cents (25 cents apiece) to get into this little park from the gift shop. Not much of a gift shop either. See the hat, I wasn't kidding!

Houghton Lake, MI in front of Zubler's Indian Village on M-55. They have simulated Indian Pow-Wows twice a day at 10am and 2pm. Really hoaky, but the gift shop is first rate. MI_Indian

CA_Indian Here's another Indian. This one has seen better days, check out the fence. Found it (while working, ha ha!) on the way from Modesto to San Jose in California.

This is the Trio Tire Man on US-30 in Berlin, NJ. I have several of these guys. There is almost a cult being developed by the guys that write "Roadside America." They call them Muffler Men. If you have a sense of humor and enjoy the offbeat things people do, check out these guys. Trio Tire Man

A. E. Newman Check out this face. Mad Magazine and 30 feet tall! These big guys come with the same body but a variety of heads and garb. I wonder if the salesman has one of those books with celluloido verlays to compare different looks?

Chicagoland this time just South of O'Hare Airport. At work (ha, ha!) again. I guess the lumberjack is appropriate since he was outside a lumberyard. Chicago Big Guy

Cowman This guy looks similar but stands outside the Cowtown Rodeo in South Jersey. Lots of these Big Guys around.

Caught this Big Guy outside a muffler shop in Indianapolis on 16th Street a couple of miles East of the track. Thanks Mike for climbing over the cars. Indy Guy

Al2 Another Alfred E. Newman type in New Jersey off I-195 near Great Adventure. Widely reported and glad to have him.

This gal is one of my favorites, and close to home too! She's the only "Big Gal" that I've seen so far, but I'm sure there are more around. See what the "Experts" have to say. Uniroyal Gal

Roof Went hunting for this guy up in Seattle area. Another case of knowing he was out there. However, the location was not quite as described by my source. Close enough that I was able to find him. Couldn't get any closer than this.

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