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At one time I thought the Big People section was my favorite. Not now. I love these images. I have captured a little of everything, except bugs. (And I know about the blue TERMITE in Providence - thanks for the correction Richard.) I can't decide which image I like best - the cow, deer, robin, or trout. I'd bet you have a Big Animal somewhere near you. I travel some, so let me know what's near you. If you want to see the Big Things already reported go to my "Bird Dog Tips" page.

This is another image from the Indianapolis State Fair which I described in the Food and Drink section. At any rate, there was a building that housed an animation display. This Big Panda was part of the display. The conditions weren't the best so the image is not up to the ususal standards. I think Jerry needed another ice cream fix. Big Panda

Big Pig This is one great Big Pig! It was an unexpected treat to find him in front of Rocky Top Exchange on SR-46 in Spenser, Indiana. We had stopped to hike in McCormick's State Park on our way to a short log cabin vacation in Brown county. As we were leaving the park I looked to the right and saw this big guy atop a hill across the road and made a quick change in direction. We didn't see him on the way in since he was up high. Rocky Top sells all sorts of small wooden structures, from chicken coups, to play houses, to storage buildings. In addition to this pig they had a grizzly bear and gorilla but they didn't seem bigger than life.

The 4th of July Festival in Carmel is a lot of fun and offers entertainment throughout the day following the end of the parade. There are multiple performance stages, food booths and vendor and information booths. This Big Gecko was outside the GEICO booth so naturally I had to grab a shot. Freddy Hill Cow

Fish Fry The Lighthouse Tabernacle Church around the corner at 98th and Keystone has a fish fry during Lent. I don't remember one in July, however it did provide an opportunity for a Big Picture. I spotted these Big Fish yesterday and had to roll by this morning on the way to the farmer's market to make sure I got this image before the fish were gone.

We were hiking in Brown county State Park and stayed to have lunch at the Abe Martin Lodge. On the way to the dining room on the second floor we spotted this Big Squirrel. I imagine I am not the first to have my photo taken with him, what do you think? Freddy Hill Cow

Big Dragon Lattitude 39 is a new Family Entertainment Center that recently opened near our house. It bills itself as a Premier Entertainment Center. They offer 70,000 sq. ft. of entertainment: a sports theater, luxury bowling, game room, lots of TV and dining. Sounds like an exciting place. Prior to opening they were looking for new hires to satisfy all their guests and used this inflatable dragon to catch their eye. The Chief Photographer spotted this guy and we were able to grab this image.

Freddy Hill Farms is more than the name implies. We stopped by with Andy and Lindsey to get some fresh milk to make cheese, but soon fell prey to the many delicious ice cream varieties, even though it was December. The Seipt family learned how to make rich ice crean while at Penn State, but they have added many more reason to visit. They have a mini-golf course, driving range, pro shop and more. Lucky Andy lives nearby Freddy Hill's located on Sunmeytown Pike in Lansdale, PA. Stop in if you want some super rich ice cream. Freddy Hill Cow

Nashville Dogs A found image from our trip down to Columbus and Nashville, Indiana during Fall Break (one day) 2011. Shopping is in order in Nashville, an artsy village in southern Indiana. I'm not quite sure what these big dogs were doing in front of "For Bare Feet Too" a store dedicated to selling socks. More bewildering was the dog wearing the number 18 jersey, which was Peyton Mannings number. Remember this is the 2-14 Colts season when Peyton didn't play. Go figure.

Here's another found image from our trip to Florida for Ernie and Sally's wedding in April, 2011. We were traveling on West New Haven Avenue in West Melbourne when we spotted this Marlin on the front of Strike Zone Fishing. We stopped and visited. They have over 10,000 Fish, Hunt and Paddle products for sale. The store is clean and well ordered. If you like fishing you have to stop by, just look for the Big Marlin out front. Blue Marlin

Bear We were in Detroit for Erica's graduation party in June. She is the youngest of the "cousins" and on her way to Grand Valley State University. Deb and I went to the Chicken Shack in Royal Shack to pick up the chicken and ribs for the party. On the way back to Meg and Greg's house we spotted this special chicken outside Blossoms, a florist located at the intersection of Woodward and S. Adams Rd in Birmingham, MI.

We were in Baltimore for Matt and Erin's wedding. This gave us the rationale to spend the prior week at the Maryland Shore. A week well spent, Sun, Surf and Seafood. The wedding was at the Old Otterbein Church downtown with the reception at the American Visionary Art Museum. What a great place for a reception. This poodle was on the ground floor. This is a mixed marriage, Erin is a Redskins fan while Matt roots for the Eagles. Dan almost started a riot by referring to this arch rivarly in his Best Man's toast. I thought he looked familiar, I have a photo of him at the Baltimore Visitors Center, you can see it below. Artsy Poodle

Bear At the Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland on the Coastal Highway at 32nd Street, where it becomes N. Philadelphia Avenue we spotted a Big Pirate and stopped to grab an image. You can see him on the Big People page. While we were getting a shot of the pirate we spotted this Bear Car on a tilt-a-whirl (like the monkey on the image right below) and knew we had gotten one of the rate two-fers. We wandered around this part of the park before realizing they weren't open for business. We beat a hasty retreat.

Ah, the Shore. In this case the Maryland shore at Ocean City. As a veteran of Ocean City, New Jersey it was good to make a comparison. Lot more high rises, probably since they draw a lot more people here from Baltimore and Washington, DC. As expected the minature golf courses and small amusement parks cry out for Big Things. In this case it was a tilt-a-whirl type ride on the OC boardwalk at Jolly Roger on the Boardwalk. If you're daring try the "slingshot ride!" Monkey

Big Dragon Our last Big Animal on the Spring Break trip to the Smokies. Actually we noted this on the way down just south of Exit 134 along I-75. Take the exit in Caryville, TN go east about 100 yards and turn south on John McGhee Blvd, Rt. 116. John McGhee was the son of the railroad magnate Charles McClung McGhee active in railroad building in eastern Tennessee. Anyway, this dragon is south about 1/2 mile, just past the Motel 6 at the site that was once the Thunder Mountain Fireworks. We didn't see any sign of Thunder Mountain except a concrete pad. Oh well, the dragon still looks pretty good, enjoy!

A little farther up the road we hit a jackpot with multiple Big Thing hits. It was early in the morning when we stopped at Adventure Golf. This octupus was guarding the second hole. Pretty scarry, sure to throw you off your game. I got a little too close but thankfully was saved by the groundskeeper, the only person nearby at this time of day. I didn't get his name but did leave him with one of my business cards. Homefully he get in contact. What a lifesaver! Golf Course  Octupus

Golf Course Shark Not learning my lesson escaping from the octupus I immediately nearly fell victim to this Big Shark. He was ready to chomp down on my leg as you can see here. Fortunately Chief Brody, Professor Hooper and Quint were vacationing in Pigeon Forge and saved me from this Big White. Some set of jaws, (get it?)

Pigeon Forge was loaded with Big Thing opportunities. Case in point was the 3 Bears General Store. A shopping landmark since 1979, the store gives you many opportunities to spend your money. Among them are the Mine Your Own Gemstones, Make UR Own Bear, and the NASCAR store. They really do cover all the bases. I don't know why you would need to shop anywhere else. If they added a minature golf course it would be a complete experience. They even have a hot dog stand. See the Food and Drinks page. 3 Bears bear

Bullfish Grill Early Friday morning we were traveling from out mountain-top cabin in Gatlinburg through Pigeon Forge on our way home and spotted this Big Steer. Naturally we circled back and grabbed this opportunity. I love getting these unplanned Big Things. In this case it was a restaurant featuring beef and fish. Looked like a nice place from the outside, unfortunately we spent our time in Gatlinburg and didn't get a chance to sample the menu here. If you stay in Pigeon Forge you might want to try the "Bullfish Grill."

On our way down to Smoky National Park and our cabin in Gatlinburg we were traveling down I-75 in Tenessee and spotted this Big Chicken at exit 141. We needed gas and thought it would be a good time to fill up and also get a shot of this chicken in front of Stowers Super Store. A very interesting place with lots of stuff out front. This patriotic chicken caught our attention. Just had to get it. Patriotic Chicken

E. Peoria Rooster East Peoria, our last stop on our Out-West trip and the target was this Big Rooster with a top hat. Not only does he have brightly colored plumage but is wearing a top hat. If you look closely there is a string of lights that almost looks like a veil.

The fine feathered friend wears a top hat to advertise Bridges Restaurant in Princeton, Iowa, an old river town along the Mississippi. He sits on the top of the roof to avoid any possible floods. Not sure if the restaurant is still open. Rooster with Top Hat

Jan's Chicken We made our way through Minnesota to the Mississippi River and took a right planning to follow this Mighty river down to the Quad Cities. Along the way we were passing through Jan's home town of Clinton, Iowa. This city was a treat, much larger than I imagined with a nice riverfront park. Just south of downtown we spotted this Big Chicken. While he is a pretty common variety of Big Chicken he does advertise Angelo's Pizza & Pasta at the corner of 11th Ave S and S 4th Street. Angelo's was closed when we stopped or I might have stopped for a slice.

This jackalop is also located in Mitchell, SD. We waited until morning to get the correct sunlight. Only then did I find that you could climb up and take a ride, which of course I did. Giddyup! Jackalop

Chef Louie's Steer Next to the Corn Palace Motel at the corner of Burr and Havens is this Big Steer advertising Chef Louie's Steakhouse. After checking in to our hotel we came back to eat at Chef Louie's which was a very good decision. We had an excellent dinner in a super pleasant environment. I wish it were closer to home.

We were spending the night in Mitchell, SD, famous for it's Corn Palace. Interesting place to see, but better yet the city with many Big Things. This buffalo is in front of the Corn Palace Motel and may be related to the Big Buffalo below in front of Big Al's. Corn Palace Motel Buffalo

Big Al's Buffalo Now this is a Big Buffalo! He stands in front of Al's Oasis Motel. Just off I-90 in South Dakota, we were on our way home. Fortunately it is not far off the highway and I am glad we didn't pass up this beauty.

I was finally able to get this image, originally spotted by the intrepid Bird Dog - Olivia. Her report last year inspired me to get out to The Ranch Store in Cactus Flats, South Dakota. Not only was this big concrete Prairie Dog on display but the fields around him were filled with regular sized live prairie dogs. I wonder if they look at him as some sort of Prairie Dog God? Olivia's Prairie Dog

Carved Bear and Fish This 10 foot tall bear is happily showing off his catch in front of Lewie's Saloon & Eatery in Lead, South Dakota. Looks like a great place -- their slogan is "Good Times, Good Food, Mixed Drinks." Get here on NASCAR Sunday's since they have 38 TV's tuned to catch the race.

On the way to Estes Park we pulled off I-85 onto US-34, Eisenhower Blvd and quickly spotted this Rooster in front of North Fork Antiques. Looking more closely I noticed it said "Henco en Mexico" which I assume translates to Made in Mexico. It was a good start to traveling on Eisenhower Blvd. because we also spotted a Big Andirondack Chair and Big Guitar. A wealth of Big Things is such a short distance. Mexican Chicken

Colorado Welcome Center Heron We were coming into Colorado from the north on I-85 and stopped at the Welcome Center. While not absurd in size this heron is still a pretty nice Big Animal. We went into the Welcome Center and were greeted by the nicest people and free coffee. What could be better? Is it the attitude or the altitude?

In "The Goose Hunting Capital" as Oshkosh deems itself you can find this large flying goose at the corner of US-26 (Ave A) and Main Street across from the Oshkosh Superette. I've been to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and now here, I wonder if there are other states with an Oshkosh. By the way, Oshkosh is about halfway between North Platte, NE and Scott's Bluff, both good places to visit. Oshkosh Flying Goose

Des Moines Cow The Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines, Iowa has these two, Annie and Eric standing out front at the corner of University and Hubble. This is a nice twosome, one not normally seen. Generally I only find the larger mother cow. Eric was added later. More information on the Annie and Eric and the Anderson Erickson Dairy can be found here. Enjoy!

In Grinnell, Iowa we visited the Merchant National Bank on Main Street. This bank was designed by Louis Sullivan, a prominent mid-West architect and mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright and often called "The Father of the Skyscraper." He designed many famous buildings from Chicago skyscrapers to many mid-West banks. This bank is a very good place to visit, they have a docent in place. At any rate, enough history, this duck was used to promote the Duck Daze and Derby fundraiser to support youth in Powershiek County. I bought a duck and entered but haven't heard that I won. during the period Grinnell Duck

Firestone Mascot On our way to rent a tuxedo for Ernie and Sally's wedding when road construction around the Mall caused us to circle around and come in the back way. I guess there is a reason for everything since we ran right into this big inflatable in front of the Firestone dealer by the Mall. The Chief Photographer had her camera with her so it was only a matter of just jumping out and getting the photo.

We found this bird supply store while shopping at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. Later when we went down to pick up some birdseed and peanuts for our backyard feeders we saw these birds on the front of the building. Having her camera ready the Chief Photographer was able to snap this photo. Double Birds

Buffalo We were returning from my sisters surprise birthday party in St. Louis and stopped to get this Buffalo that I had spotted on our way west. Not sure how big buffalos actually are, but he's pretty good size. I have another buffalo this size from Jim Hipps Nursery in SW Indiana, near Evansville. That photo is also on this page

The Baltimore Harbor Visitors Center is home to this big poodle. I don't know the story behind it (I think it was used in some type of parade) but we spotted it when visiting. Actually we were just going through the visitor motions in order to have crab cakes at Phillips for lunch. What we do for good seafood when you live in the middle of the country. MD Poodle

Chipmunk Alvin and Friends It was Christmas in New Jersey and we went to the movies to see Avatar in 3D, my first experience with 3D since Jaws 3D. I've stayed away from 3D ever since (if you saw Jaws 3D you understand.) We spotted these Chipmunks in the lobby and I had my photo taken with them. Naturally, after some children saw me climb over the roping they followed suit and had their parents take their photo as well. I guess I am not a good example of citizenship.

Haps Ice Cream Bull Both of these Bulls are on Market Street in Logansburg, IN. The one on the left is in front of Haps Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sundae Parlor and the guy of the right is next to Mr. Happy Burger. I would guess they have common ownership, notice they both have bibs on. It was too early in the day to get a banana split and the burger joint wasn't open yet. Mr Happy Burger Bull

The people of Logansport don't know how lucky they are. The per capita count of Big Things is pretty low here. 18,000+ people and 3 Big Things. This Big Chicken is on US-24 out on the west side of town. It's on display in front of the Next Day Container facility. Another Chicken

Art Fish "The Great Rainbow Trout" is the name of this scuplture located in front of the Joy of Life art gallery in Douglas, MI. The Saugatuck/Douglas area is an arty resort area on the Lake Michigan shore just south of Holland. Great place for a get-away any time although I suspect summer and Christmas are the high seasons.

This was the finale to the Saugatuck trip and just about 5 miles from home. This crafty spider was constructed in front of the Habig Nursery in Westfield, Indiana. Note the Big Trowel in the background, this is a trademark for Habig's, they have another one outside the College Street store in Indy. Habig Spider

Antique Mart Elephant This is the namesake for the "Pink Elephant Antique Mart" in Livingston, IL. We went there to get the Big Beachboy and Muffler Man (see Big People) and got this pink elephant as well. I've run into more of these pink elephants around. A couple of them are in front of liquor stores and are holding a martini glass with their trunk, pretty clever eh?

Vandalia, Indiana gave us a couple of unexpected Big Things, a Big Muffler and then this Big Fire Breathing Dragon - no kidding! I saw the propane tank and all. It's out in front of the Vandalia location of the Kaskaskia Supply and Rental store. It's such a delight to run into these unexpected Big Things. There are lots of people out there with a good sense of humor. Fire Breathing Dino

Karen's Cow I got a call while I was having lunch with the Chief Photographer at the Jersey Cafe, a haven for former South Jersey residents. It seems the #1 fan spotted another "Mobile Big Thing." This large cow and Ice Cream Carton in front of the Kroger. She dropped everything and went up to the man handing out samples to find out how long he was going to be there and where he was going to be next. As you may recall #1 spotted the Kissmobile, the other "Mobile Big Thing." Now with those two and the Weinermobile it becomes a sub-class along with Stationary and Inflatables. Breaking new ground, thanks Karen!

I have lot's of cows on this site, not nearly as many bulls. Here's a good looking one. He is in a little park in the Village of Gilboa, (est.1837) OH. The part is on the corner of US-224 and Pearl. I wish we had more time to explore Gilboa, anytime a village have been around as this one means it has something pretty substantial to it. Maybe next time. Another Bull

Cat Fish and Friend We were in the visitors center at Indiana Dunes State Park when lo and behold I spotted this pair of stuffed fish. Not the biggest fish I've been photographed with but big anyway. One in the background is a Catfish and I'm not sure what the other type is.

On the way back from Thanksgiving at Meg and Greg's (thanks for the hospitality by the way!) we dropped down on I-275 to Ecorse Rd west (M-17) to get this cow. I've got lot's of cows on this site as you can see below. This Carry Dairy cow is on top of a building that is not exactly a dairy. More of a "Party Store" as they are called in Michigan. Selling beer (of course), wine, cigarettes, milk and lottery tickets there are a plenitude of places like this. This almost like the drive thru beer stores in Ohio, note the One Way sign to my right. No expense spared!. Carry Dairy Cow

Gorilla Halloween has gotten to be a bigger event then I remember as a kid. Oh, we dressed up, went begging, maybe even soaped a window or too, but I don't rememeber all the temporary shops that spring up. So many in fact they look like Starbucks. On Keystone and Ruth Drive in Indianapolis there are two shops across the street from each other (one of them next to a Starbucks, by the way.) Anyway after getting a Grande Pumpkin Latte low fat, etc coffee we stopped to grap this inflatable.

My favorite Birdog and #1 fan called me to say that this Serta Sheep was going to be in front of the hh gregg stores headquarters. Karen told me about other items as well, like the Kissmobile she spotted. hh gregg is a regional, going National, appliance and electronics store. They've had other inflatables our front in the past like the Sirius Satellite radio dog. Serta Mattress

Cow I've wanted this Inflatable for quite a while now. At times I've seen it up in front of one of the Chick Fillet restaurants. Without a doubt I saw this inflatable and didn't have a camera with me or my most favorite photographer. This time the planets were in alighnment and me, the inflatable and the photographer were all together. Yahoo!!!.

We took the ferry across Lake Michigan from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. If you didn't know, there are LOTS of Big Things in Wisconsin. In Manitowoc, the Cedar Crest Cow is out in front of the dairy. You can stop in the company store and have a great ice cream there. We passed on that, but right across the street is the cheese store. Lot's of varities, we even bought a cheese in the shape of a cow! The man in the store was very helpful with samples of cheeses and gave tips on the local sites as well.Dairy Cow

fish2 I find a lot of Big Things using Roadside America sightings. This time I was looking for a giant flamingo and followed the directions to this place outside Oshkosh. Actually Vinland, Wisconsin. We were not prepared for what awaited us. This fish and the following duck, moose and elephant were all in a field outside M. Schettl Sales. And this was just the start. Check out the following 16 photos of Animals. There were more too, see Food and Drink.

Mallard The M in M Schettl Sales stands for Mel. He wasn't in at the time of our visit but we were given the run of the place by the manager on duty. Mel sells just about anything. These four animals were on trailers out in the field. Mel sells the trailers and the animals too. Moose

Elephant The elephant was the last of the 4 Big Things out front. We then went into the fenced "park" on the other side of the building. That's where the flamingo is. Not to mention this bunny and many other treasures. If you are in need of a Big Thing I suggest you give Mel a call. Rabbit

Chicken 5 There are a lot of these chickens scattered around the country. I don't know that much about them but Mel has two of them in the park. Chicken 6

Pig Now we've been taking these photos for a couple of decades and have not run into an abundance of Big Things like this. It's like eating all the chocolate you want. Almost an overdose of Big Stuff. Before we finished we had "battle fatigue." Mel tested our stamina with his assorment. Dog

Bird 5
Bird, horse.

Another Bird
More birds
Bird 6

Metal Bugs
Metal Bugs and Metal Eagle. (yawn)
Metal Eagle

Original Flamingo This Flamingo was the reason for the original stop and is located in the "park." This catfish chef is another treasure at Mel's. He had another building with lot's of stuff. Most is in the Food and Drink section. Fish 3

Steer We were on Route 21 from Oshkosh to spend the night at the Wisconsin Dells. As I've said some of the best Big Things are found unexpectedly as was the case with this Big Steer near Wautoma. He stands out front of the Silvercryst Steakhouse and Motel located on Silver Lake. Looks like a small resort town with good eats. I might vacation there sometime.

On the way out of Oshkosh we were passing through Omro and spotted this Big Pig outside the Piggly Wiggly supermarket on Route 21. Omro had a couple of slogans posted on the side of the road. "Bridge to the Future" and Picturesque and Proud." Sounds like a nice town. Piggly Wiggly

Flamingo Once we got to the Wisconsin Dells it was pretty late - we had dinner and turned in for the night. This was the large flamingo we came to town to find. The Dells are a great vacation spot. Lot's to do if you have children in the family. We went on a couple river tours and enjoyed ourselves. It is a classic resort town -- fudge and moccasin stores abound.

Leaving one of the river tours, which involved an ex-US Army amphibious duck we spotted this Trojan Horse at the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. A water park, go cart track, mini golf all rolled into one. Gives you an inkling of what the Dells has to offer. Trojan Horse

Wisconsin Elephant I like these Big Elephants. There is one close to home in Pendelton, IN and another at Jim Hipp's Nursery in Southwest Indiana. A big animal made ever Bigger is fine. This one in DeForest, Wisconsin is at the Citgo gas just off Intersate 90/94. We had to wait to take this image, some parents were taking photos of their kids with the elephant, then the dog walkers were next in line. I had to be careful where I stepped to get this image.

Let me introduce you to Sissy the Cow in DeForest Wisconsin. She is in front of Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet just off I90/94 exit 126. Nice cow and an even nicer cheese store. We spent some time inside and, of course, bought some cheese. Cow 3

Odd Birds In Madison Wisconsin we stayed the night at the Edgewater Hotel right on Lake Mendota. Our room overlooked the lake and we had dinner on the deck with a live band playing. One interesting thing about this hotel was the floors are backward. Our room was on the first floor and we had to go down to the 5th floor to get to the deck. I was a little confused when I went to get some ice. Oh, and we got these giant metal birds called Dreamkeepers outside an office building.

Meet Gertrude the Guernsey Cow. Looks an awful lot like Sissie the Cow just below. Maybe they're related? Anyway, she was the last Animal we visited on our Wisconsin trip. Gertrude is actually near Rockford, Illinois in Lockwood Park. I'll have to say that 4 days of Big Thing hunting was pretty exhausting. When Debbie asked me what the next object was and I told her a Big cow, she replied, "Another cow?" I knew at that point we should head home, and we did. Cow 4

I picked up the location of this Muffler Man from "Roadside America" and thanks to GPS we found him. It wasn't easy but on the way we drove through orange orchards. It let me visualize what the LA area was like decades ago before all the development. At any rate it was near Mentone at the corner of Garnet Road and Mill Creek Road. If you go be sure to stop at the Greenspot store and get some of their "World Famous Jerkee (sic)" Mountain Chicken

CA Chicken California for Christmas 2008 and still in pursuit of Big Things. After lunch at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena (you have to go there, what a classic place) we were driving South on Fair Oaks and passed the Barn Burner BBG with this Big Chicken out front. A quick u-turn and the mini-van full of Hejls pulled into the parking lot to grab this image.

This turtle was an unexpected discovery. On our way back from New Harmony we were tooling along and sped past this cool turtle. We just had to turn around and grab this photo. Like the bull below, I've misplaced my notes on the exact locations. I think it was near Sullivan County park. It's really annoying not having the location. I need you to let me know where this turtle proudly sits. I promise you kudo's if you let me know! Ind Turtle

Happy Stork This stork was a nice find. There is a car wash in Vincennes that has several Big Things, this stork is one of them. I don't know what's in the water in Southwest Indiana (besides Calcium from all the limestone) but whatever it is, they do like Big Things. This was a researched find but turned out better than expected as some of the best finds do.

I don't know what it is with the car washes in Southwestern Indiana. Maybe they are competing but there are a plethora of Big Things around car washes. Yogi here waves to all the passing motorists enticing them to come on in and leave with a clean car. Me and Yogi

Sad Bull This was a nice find. Unexpected as some of the best finds are. I've lost my notes on this but as I recall it was in Mitchell, Indiana near Spring Mills State Park where we were planning to spend the night. This sad looking bull was abandoned out in front of a closed general merchandise store. I just realized that I neglected this poor bull as well with my lost details. How sad !

We were in Southwest Indiana on the way to New Harmony, an Intentional Community founded to wait for the Second Coming. A very serene and holy place - you need to go there! Just north in Haubstadt, at the junction of I-64 and US-41 is the Jim Hipp Nursery. Believe me, this a "Target Rich" environment. I am pictured here with the buffalo that greets visitors. IN Buffalo

Entrance Eagle Well at Jim Hipp's there are so many wonderful Big Things I almost couldn't figure out how to capture everything, so here's a double eagle (wasn't that a coin?) Pretty cool. And you know what? Jim Hipp lives on site. His house has a warning that it is off limits to visitors, he's had strangers wander into his kitchen. Imagine that! Jim Hipp Eagle

Lake Fish From I-64 you can spot this fish (largemouth bass, let me know?) if you know where to look. Thankfully for my friends on "" I know where to look. Doesn't everyone plan their trips around things that are larger than life?.

Martini Elephant I have an elephant below that is on the Pendleton Pike here in the Indy area. Melinda told me about that Big Thing. She was an enthusiastic Big Dogger and gave me the Maritni elephant below as well as several other animal type Big Things. Thanks Melinda. Elephant Family

I really don't know why it's taken so long to have an image of me and Nipper on this web site. I've been surrounded by Nippers for years, many of them BIG but I never had my picture taken with one, must be taking for granted what you have. Trust me, don't take what you have for granted. I would like to have one of these BIG nippers at home but don't know where I would keep him. Maybe Julia's room. Nipper at Thomson

MSP Goose We were leaving England and had some time at Heathrow before the flight. (I won't mention how much time Ben and Annie had due to flight delays) but anyway where else is there a store like Harrods in an airport. It would be like having a Neiman-Marcus at Kennedy Airport. At any rate this shop had cavier, chamapign and many of the finer things in life. I went to the 7-11.

We were in England and left our tour group to go to the Tower of London, you know where Cromwell spent some time enjoying the hospitality of the Crown. As usual we included a trip to the gift shop and right outside was this Bear Guard. What a surprise! Not quite a Beafeater Guard but I did get him to smile. Windsor Castle

MSP Goose I was just up in Minneapolis and spotted this Big Thing which looks like a big Canadian Goose on Nicollet Mall. I think it was a Canadian Goose, it would have maybe been more authentic if there were a mess of cast goose droppings everywhere like in real life.

So, we were on our way up to Detroit to see the Davidsons. As we passed an exit I spotted this large rooster in a little park outside a restaurant. We made a note of the exit number and stopped by on the way home. I can't find the name of the restaurant right now and will update if I find my notes. It was a family style restaurant and would stop there to eat. I-69 Chicken

Elk Rapids Swan Oh boy, here was an unexpected treat. On the way to Charlevoix to get the Big Cherry Pie with the Davidsons (see Food and Drink) when fate struck and we got this Big Swan. Outside the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce building was this Swan (don't call it a Goose! Right Meg?). It has a history going back to 1966 when it was built to carry Miss Elk Rapids in the Cherry Festival and Harbor Days parades.

My first trip to the new Comerica Park in Detroit and here were some Big Tigers and Baseball Bats. 2 hours before the game and there were all these people. I may have to come back in February (brrrr!) to get a photo without the fans. The Tigers lost to the Bronx Bombers 5-1 who had 5 hits and 5 home runs. I miss Tiger Stadium where you were so close to the field but I liked the rest of the new ballpark. Comerica Park tiger

GTO Show We were at the Davidsons and were getting ready to go Up North when we spotted this inflatable out with a GTO show. Not exactly one of my best finds but I am addicted to Things Big and couldn't pass up the shot. We blocked the parking lot at the Starbucks while getting the shot. I was humming a Jan & Dean tune.

For Crying Out Loud is the title for this Field Art as we call it in Indiana. My best Birddog, Melynda told me about this Hippo a while ago but I didn't get it until recently. It's on a field belonging to a now retired auctioneer. We pulled into the muddy field and finally I had found a reason for the 4-wheel drive on my Cherokee. I don't know if this is larger than life but it's pretty camp. Hippo

Fireworks Eagle We were going to the airport to pick Julia up on July 3rd. In case you didn't know, Indiana is fireworks state. You can buy all sorts of fireworks here. You just have to be careful since you cannot take the fireworks on the plane with you if you are leaving the state on a plane. You would be much better off driving your purchases out of state.

We had just started out on our drive to Michigan for some vacation time when we spotted the Sirius Satellite Radio Dog being set up in front of hh gregg on 96th Street. We pulled into the parking lot and got this image. The fellows setting this up asked if I knew the ex-RCA crowd now at Sirius, it wasn't until later that I wondered how he knew I was an RCA guy. (GPS=N39.92604 W086.09559) Sirius Dog

Broasted Chicken Well, we made it "Up North" and were enjoying our vacation on Lake James outside Prudenville. I made a trip into town to go to Ford's hardware and spotted this chicken outside the Lake Break snack shop. You can get Ice Cream, Pizza, Ribs and of course Broasted Chicken. (GPS=N44.29840 W084.66456)

My Uncle Ed told me about this big cow in downtown Elsie, Michigan. On our way home from Prudenville we stopped at Ford Cemetary where my folks are buried, as well as many other family members. Aunt Libbie and Uncle Frank lived close by so I spent time as a youngster in Elsie. I didn't remember this cow, but it's right on W. Main outside the Elsie village hall. (GPS=N43.08859 W084.38794) Elsie the Cow

Muncie Frog Muncie Indiana seems to have more Big Things per capita than most cities that I've visited. This Big Frog outside Dick Carnel's Ceramics, Tiles and Carpets at 2001 Cranville Ave is an example. Time your visit here right and you can go across the street to Miss Kitty's for karaoke on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Thanks to Steph for this sighting.

Sometimes it takes the cooperation of other people to get the special Big Picture. I owe the sighting for this big Terrapin to Julia since she sighted it at a Univ of Maryland football game. She saved it for me until Parents Weekend. Then Debbie talked to a couple of special people who were the ushers that allowed us to go onto the field in the endzone to get this image. Thanks Sid, you guys showed a great sense of humor! Terrapin

Julia's Gorilla Julia and Debbie were on their way from Maryland to Indy when Julia eyed this beauty at Exit 62 on I-70 (which just happens to be US-40, the National Highway. Rainbow Industries rents inflatables, tents, etc and this gorilla stood out front. We got this image on the way back after dropping Julia off at UMD.

It was early Sunday morning so I knew that I what I was seeing really was a Pink Elephant! This cute guy stands outside Wagon Wheel Liquors on SR67 in Fortville, IN comlete with glasses and a martini. Melynda, who told me about the chicken in Noblesville (see below) cued me in on this beauty. Pink Elephant

Pendleton Cow We were winding up our "Big Thing Trek" and were looking for the big bull that our real estate agent Gail had told us about. Melynda included it on her map and we thought we had it with this cow outside Cohron's Manufactured Homes on SR67. Something didn't ring true since this cow and calves were in great shape, not as Gail described them.

Now here is the bull that Gail told us about. She said it is painted regularly and my guess is this one fits the bill. It was also dead-on with where Melynda has it one the her map. It stands proudly(?) outside Karmon's Produce on SR67 between Franklin Road and Post Road. Painted Bull

Gorilla We were on our way from Indy to Prudenville along I-69. Right after I told Debbie and Julia they had to keep an eye out for Big Things, Deb spotted this inflatable at the "Huge Car Sale" near the US127 exit in Ithaca, MI. We got off at the next exit and circled back for this photo opportunity.

I recently moved to Indianapolis so there is a entire fresh stock of Big Things. Melynda, a co-worker, told me about this Big Chicken. And since I have a special affinity for chickens (see below on this page) Debbie and I had to hustle out to the Chanticleer Cottage in Noblesville Sunday morning to get this chicken. Noblesville Chicken

Bears There's a new Cabala's Outfitters at Exit 17 on US-23. This is in Dundee, Michigan, a place where I spent some time calling on Dundee TV back in the early 80's. Hi, Don! At any rate, I almost had to wait in line to get this photo op. Didn't get a chance to go inside but this place was huge.

Walking through the Minneapolis airport after we photographed the "double up" of Indians outside the Thunderbird Motel Mark spotted this Big Moose. "Hey," he said, "you need this for your photo collection." I agreed and here it is. Airport Moose

Glass Fish After Ernie and I got the famous Spoon and Cherry photo in the sculpture garden (see latest in Food and Drink)we were walking through the greenhouse enjoying the flowering plants. We stopped to chat with a gardener working in a water pond. Well, lo and behold , the pond was capped with this glass fish. Go and see it, pretty cool.

We were visiting Benjamin in November during Parents Weekend at JMU and were on our way to pick something up at the mall, when I innocently asked him if he had seen anything "Big" lately. He got quite excited and said that he had just spotted a big dinosaur in front of a car dealership. The rest was history. Now you see the photo. JMU Dinosaur

Ram's Head On my way to play golf with Rick Smith at Beckett GC in Swedesboro when lo and behold I spotted this large Ram's head at the Dodge dealer. I got Debbie up early on Sunday morning to get this inflatable before it disappeared.

Down in Arkansas, Fayetteville to be exact, there is Tri State Poultry with this big Chicken outside. It took a few trys before I could get this photo. Rain, timing, etc. held me up. But it was worthwhile as you can see. AR Chick

AR Turk Along with the above photo this BIG turkey was out on display. We (Merdith the photographer, Ralph and I spent some time talking to an employee at Tri State about these birds. Seems that he was photographed with one of these birds himself for the local paper. Good story, stop in and hear it.

Here's a pretty good size Chicken outside Fisher's Market on Route 49 between Bridgeton and Shiloh in Hopewell Township. The store has a Black Angus on the roof too! This chicken has been stolen a number of times; it once showed up painted blue on the campus of the Universitiy of Delaware. Get it, the "Blue Hens." NJ Chick

Chick Here's to you Hugo, my bird dog for this Big Chicken. Located in King of Prussia, PA he stands guard at the entrance to NorView Farms. The farms has it all. Hidden Valley Springs, fill your own containers and Petrucci Ice Cream stand, in season. At 670 N Henderson Rd. Chick, I mean, Check it out!

This Big Bird may not be yellow but he is big and watches over the activity on the Casino Pier amusement park in Seaside Heights, NJ. Bird

Croc If you are going cross country in Virginia, possibly taking a "shortcut" on US211 to "save time" and you are near Luray, VA, check out the Luray Reptile Center. It's not Disney but pretty cool nonetheless.

OK, if you weren't impressed with the Giant Croc, how about this Dinosaur. Imagine this "Big Guy" roaming the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (pretty scary, eh?). Dino

Cow On top of finding the Luray Reptile Center on US211, I was lucky enough to find Yogi standing a little further down the road. I wasn't sure if he properly belongs in the "Animals" section or the "People" section. After all he did have his own TV show, eh Boo Boo.

Outside the Cowtown Rodeo is this (Cow?/Bull?), I don't know, call it a Cull or Bow. Horns and an udder, only in New Jersey. Cow

Lucy Lucy here is a National Monument. I guess I didn't treat her with the proper respect because as I was paying the bridge toll into Margate, NJ I asked the attendant where the "big elephant" was. He looked at me with derision.

Along I-75 we saw a sign for "Sea Shell City." Who would have thought of sea shells in Cheyboygen County, MI. In addition, the sign boasted a 505 pound man eating clam. Who could resist? I know I couldn't. Here's the result, pretty impressive huh? Clam

Flamingo Virtually across the street from Zubler's Indian Village on M-55 in Houghton Lake, MI. (See the Big People page.) I didn't realize at the time how cool these double hits were. At any rate this flamingo is one of my all time favorites, it illustrates the absurd part of this hobby. If you still don't get it, study this image until you do.

This rooster was taken early in the morning while I was working (ha, ha!) in Alabama. It was somewhere on US-231 between Ozark and Troy. Evidently it was an artist type that put this in their front yard. Almost drove by but Jack asked, "do you want to go back and photograph that." He made salesman of the year! Rooster

Seahawk Working (ha, ha!) in Everett, WA. This Seahawk was another double-up along with the Big Lumberjack. The people working inside this building were nearly as interested in me getting this picture taken as I was. Thanks Brian.

Give me a better example of a Big Picture than this. US-131 in Kalkaska, MI, late in the day, both me and the robin are relaxed. Check out the hat. (Another vacation hat picture with a twist.) Robin

Pig Another inflatable. A once in a lifetime shot for me since I got this one in St. Louis during a Grand Opening of a Circuit City Store, and a long way from home. Of course if you live in St. Louis you may see the KSHE pig around town. My guess is that KSHE is a rock 'n roll station. What do you think?

You can't understand the concept of "found art" until you face what I did with this cow. We were dropping Andy off for school and were walking out of a Best Buy store in Urbana, IL when lo and behold, across I-74 - a big cow. What an opportunity! I have a more entertaining image of this but the transfer service keep screwing it up. Cow

Brown Trout If you don't think this is a great image "get outta town." That is what we say here in South Jersey. Even though the image was taken with the Robin in Kalkaska. get it both the Robin and this Trout are the state Bird and Fish of Michigan. I have this image as my wallpaper at work.

On the way to the Mystery Spot in the Upper Pennisula along US-2. When, wham we found this Big Thing. I like this deer as much as any other image I have. Deer

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