Bangor, MI High School Viking

Well, this was quite some find.  I knew about this Viking from a report on Roadside America.  We found our way to Bangor, MI High School, only to find that this guy stood past the end zone of the football field.  Unfortunately, there was a fence around the entire athletic complex.  Not to be deterred I went into the school office and made my case.  Fortunately, my plea fell on sympathetic ears.  One of the administrative assistants was kind enough to find the keys to the field and walked out to allow us access to the field.  My regret is that I did not write her name down assuming I would be able to remember it.  Not so.  If anyone sees this post and knows this woman please send me a note at “” Update: I did hear from the Superintendent of Bangor Public Schools, Dennis P. Paquette and he let me know the kindly person who walked us out to the field was Melissa Quinn, Assistant to the Athletic Director.


Bangor HS Viking

Rise-N-Shine Cafe Chicken

Gosh, there are so many of these Big Chickens scattered around the country I don’t know why there is not a web site dedicated to them.  There’s several sites for Muffler Men, none for chickens. Maybe someone will create a Big Chicken Site.


Rise-N-Shine Cafe Chicken

Kokomo Judge

On our way to Saugatuck, Michigan we were surprised to spot this inflatable Big Judge.  I’ve taken photos with a lot of Big People, pirates, Amish people, etc. but never found a judge before.  This one illustrated Mike Anderson’s Auto Group pledge to not judge your credit when purchasing one of their cars.


Kokomo Judge

Dan’s Big Pencil

I got this tip from Dan Mitchell who knows the Indianapolis area as well as anyone I know.  It’s on East 65th street just west of Binford Blvd. in front of the Collegiate Housing Services office.  I don’t know if the pencil was formed from a unused telephone pole or how it came to be there.


Dan’s Big Pencil


Nate, Annie and a Big Chair

I think that Nate finds more Big Things than any of my other Bird Dogs.  I may be partial since Nate is my Grandson.  In this case he, along with his parents found this Big Chair in Watkin’s Glen, NY while taking a long weekend.


Nate’s Big Chair Find

Robinette’s Apple Haus

Got a heads up from Erica about this Big Apple at Robinette’s Apple Haus on the northeast side of Grand Rapids.  Sounds like a great place, they press their own cider in season and have the donuts to go with them.


Robinette’s Big Apple

Casey IL Wind Chime

On the way home from St. Louis the Chief Photographer spotted some small signs on the roadside promoting the “World Largest Chimes.”  Well, there was no way to pass this up.  We exited at Casey, IL to see the Wind Chimes and to see additional signs for the “World Largest Golf Tee.”  Another find.  We found the wind chimes, the first of many Big Things in this town.


Caesy IL Wind Chime

Casey Country Club Big Tee

This Big Golf Tee at the Casey Country Club is another find in Casey, Illinois.  I don’t know when I ran into this many Big Things in a single town.  With a population of 2,716 and 8 Big Things, this is probably the most Big Thing concentrated place in the United States.


Casey Country Club Golf Tee

Casey Main Street Corn

At the 100% corner in downtown Casey, shop sale IL there is this Big Corn.  We ran into another couple that visited the various Casey Big Things right before us.  They were from Ohio and were on their way west to see the sights. They were on the road with no predetermined return date. Free and Easy.


Casey Corn

Sunday afternoon and the store was closed but the Big Knitting Needles and Big Crochet Hook were on display in the store window of The Yarn Store.  I prefer not to take photos through a window since I like to get inside and try to get the backstory.  One time I got a photo of a giant popcorn ball behind glass in Sac City, Iowa (see Food and Drink Archives: July, 2011) but there was signage about the object.


Big Needles

Big Mailbox

Our last stop leaving Casey was to visit a Big Thing as a work in progress.  We were told about this Big Mailbox, knowing it was not complete.  It will end up a block away from the Big Pencil, near downtown.  The mailbox is missing the door and mail indicator flag.  It may also get painted.  There was no one around at the fabrication site since it was late Sunday afternoon.


Big Mailbox

Gringo Jones Chicken

After brunch in Tower Grove Park we couldn’t pass up the chance to shop at Gringo Jones, 4468 Shaw Blvd in St. Louis.  If you are in the area this is a very interesting shop to visit.  The place is crammed with items.  Antiques in the basement, cement lawn statues, and much, much more.  This chicken was on the curb out front.


Gringo Jones Chicken

St. Louis Butterfly

Here is a butterfly we spotted on the way to Sunday brunch at Café Madeleine in Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.  A great park with a number of gazebos to rent for your party.  The brunch was wonderful.  Afterward we stopped at the Brightside garden at 4646 Shenandoah Ave. to get this photo.  A nice pocket park sponsored by the Missouri DNR.


St. Louis Butterfly